By - October 1, 2016

Our associates earn gold by bleeding green

New Gold Coin

Last month, we explained how customer value at Publix is something you can feel the moment you walk through the door. And this month, we’re proud to share two incredible examples of associates exceeding expectations by showing just how much their customers are valued.

These two associates were the first to be rewarded through our new gold coin recognition program. They acted quickly and with compassion when their customers needed it most.

We chose these two stories to represent the customer value point of our mission statement because they each remind us of something very important — Mr. George’s lessons.

Michael HallAssistant Store Manager Michael Hall
#1443, Lehigh Acres, Florida

An associate at Michael’s store was getting ready to clock in when Michael noticed something was wrong. He responded by immediately driving the associate to the emergency room and staying with him until his family arrived. The associate suffered a seizure two weeks earlier and was beginning to have another one.

The associate’s mother called Michael a hero and said, “The management team spun into action. He [Michael] saved his life, and there is no doubt about it.”

The associate received treatment and is now doing well.

Michael reminds us our customers aren’t just the people shopping in our stores, but they’re also our co-workers.

Asma JamalCashier Asma Jamal
#1439, Orlando, Florida

A customer was checking out in Asma’s lane when she realized the card she was paying with had expired, and her new card was at home. Asma came to the rescue by using $100 of her own money to pay the customer’s bill. The customer was overwhelmed with Asma’s generosity and returned later to repay her.

The customer said, “It’s nice to know we still have such kind, trusting people like her. Such a humble act from someone so young was heartwarming. I only shop at this Publix now because Asma is always a pleasure to see and speak with.”

Asma respected the dignity of our customer by being discreet about providing assistance. Thanks for making Publix proud, Michael and Asma!

The gold coin is presented to associates who embrace the Publix culture and provide premier service the way Mr. George himself would have. Receiving a gold coin means you’ve made a real difference in the lives of others by going above and beyond. Associates can become eligible for the gold coin by receiving customer praise through the customer care department, which reviews each case based on established criteria and guidelines.

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Online Exclusive

A customer was shopping at #1170, Tampa, Florida, when he suddenly had a heart attack. Assistant Store Manager Jennifer Meyer and Assistant Customer Service Manager Christopher Norberg responded immediately by performing CPR and using the AED machine to save the man’s life.

These two managers didn’t hesitate to do the right thing, and a customer is likely alive today because of their quick actions. Christopher delivered flowers, balloons and a card to the customer and was told by his family that he is expected to make a full recovery.


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