By - February 1, 2016

Publix offers Reel Variety when it comes to seafood

Today's catch

Think you can only get catfish, salmon and tilapia in our seafood department? Think again!

These days, customers are looking to Publix for a broader range of new and interesting seafood products. Our Reel Variety program rolled out in 2014 and allows us to offer 60 – 80 varieties of fresh, never frozen fish for customers to order at any time.

We now have a seafood consolidation center that makes it possible for us to offer the freshest, widest variety of fish available. Once a customer places an order with their Publix seafood associate, the work begins to get that product to the store within 36 to 48 hours.

Here’s how it works: when an order is placed in the store, it travels up the chain and the appropriate supplier is identified. The supplier then works to get the order to the consolidation center as quickly as possible so it can then be delivered to the store for the customer. Having the ability to do this has made what we can offer bigger and better than ever.

“We have customers who look for unique items, such as skate and wolfish, that we just couldn’t get for them before,” said Category Manager Guy Pizzuti. “Now, we’re able to handle so many additional varieties that we’re meeting our customers’ needs as well as growing sales.”

If you or your customers are looking to get creative and try something new, check out the Aprons recipe cards in your store that feature Reel Variety items each month.