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Wine and cheese: the perfect union

Wine & Cheese

The Publix Deli specialty cheese case contains more than 35 varieties of cheese from across Europe and America. Each is made with simple ingredients the old-fashioned way, some with recipes that go back hundreds of years.

All the cheeses are great on their own, on sandwiches or paired with crackers. They also make the perfect accompaniment to wine because you don’t have to spend a lot of time on preparation to have a tasty snack or appetizer.

Finding the perfect wine to enjoy with your Publix specialty cheese can be a delicious project. Factors like texture, acidity, fat and tannin in wine can impact the flavor combination with cheese. Look for either complementary or contrasting flavors. Taste the cheese by itself first to get a sense of its character, and then take another bite with some wine to see how they blend. Check out these wine and cheese pairings from our Publix experts.

Wine Publix Deli Cheese
Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Imported Dutch Aged Gouda
Edna Valley Cabernet Imported Blue Cheese
Stags Leap Chardonnay French Brie
Edna Valley Chardonnay Mild Hoop Cheddar
Decoy Cabernet Imported Spanish Manchego
La Crema Pinot Noir Imported Swiss Gruyere
Butter Chardonnay Morel Mushroom & Leek Monterey Jack
Edna Valley Sauvignon Blanc Fresh Mozzarella
Girl & Dragon Malbec Garlic and Herb Goat Cheese
Menage Prosecco Aged Asiago
7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel Imported Aged Cheddar
Gabbiano Chianti Imported Italian Grana Padano

Publix Deli cheeses

Since December 2010, Publix has offered private label domestic and imported cheese for customers interested in exploring unique tastes and varieties.

Publix representatives visit the best cheese-producing regions of the world and sample dozens of cheeses. The selections you find in the deli are the result of that extensive research and focus group feedback. Here are descriptions of some popular specialty cheeses available.

Publix Deli Morel Mushroom & Leek Monterey Jack

This mild, smooth cheese is made by a third-generation Wisconsin cheesemaker that uses a sustainable power resource. It has a cow’s milk base and is the perfect cracker topper and accompaniment to Butter Chardonnay and sweeter red and white wines.
Average retail price: $7.39/lb.

Publix Deli Imported Aged Cheddar

This versatile cheese is manufactured on the Isle of Man, between Ireland and England, by a cooperative of family-owned dairy farmers and cheesemakers who have a combined 100 years of experience. The milk comes from the dairy herds on the islands, and the cheese is aged a minimum of 12 months. It pairs well with 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel and cabernet.
Average retail price: $9.99/lb.

Publix Deli Imported Dutch Aged Gouda

With its subtle flavoring that hints of coffee, caramel and nuts and its firm texture, this imported cheese is made in Holland with cow’s milk. It pairs well with Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet, merlot and ales.
Average retail price: $13.99/lb.

Publix Deli Imported Swiss Gruyere

Handcrafted using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation, this PDO*-recognized cheese has been around since 1115. Made with cow’s milk, it’s a hard cheese with a relatively delicate texture and makes a nice base for fondue or an excellent topper for onion soup. It pairs well with La Crema Pinot Noir, wheat beer or sparkling apple cider.
Average retail price: $14.99/lb.

Publix Deli Imported Italian Grana Padano

The first known Grana Padano was made in 113 near Milan, Italy. Aged in seasoning rooms for about 18 months, this PDO*-recognized cheese has a compact grainy texture and slightly fruity flavor. It’s manufactured by the largest Grana Padano producer in Italy, which has been privately owned and operated since the late 1800s. This cheese makes a great accompaniment to fruits and nuts and can replace Parmigiano Reggiano as a less expensive cheese option. It pairs well with light-to-medium-bodied red wines such as Gabbiano Chianti.
Average retail price: $15.99/lb.

*PDO — stands for Protected Designation of Origin, a product label established by European Union Law in 1992 to protect the names of regional foods

While there are no rules about pairing wines with cheeses, since it’s really a matter of individual taste, these additional suggestions may help with your menu planning.

  • A smooth, slightly oily wine may go very well with a smooth, fatty cheese.
  • Sweet wine contrasts very well with a cheese with high acidity.
  • Dry, fresh red wines are better suited to soft cheeses, especially goat cheeses.
  • Whiter, fresher cheeses work best with crispier, fruitier wines.
  • Wines with good acidity are best complemented by highly salted cheeses.
  • Dry champagnes combine best with bloomy white rinds.
  • Try pairing cheese and wine from the same region.
  • Cheeses can be matched with beer or cider.

Look for the Publix Wine Simplified brochure in stores for an easy, simple way to find wine and cheese pairings.


Did You Know?

There are four major categories of cheese.

  • Bloomy: creamy, decadent cheese with a soft rind
  • Hard: stiff cheese, often sharp and/or salty; may also be aged
  • Blue: pungent, often salty cheese with a blue tinge
  • Fresh: soft, tangy or mild and often spreadable cheese, usually not aged