By - September 1, 2016

Happy birthday, Mr. George!

Happy Birthday!

He made an impact on so many people and communities around the Southeast and the country, and this month, we celebrate Mr. George and his amazing life.

Did you know the Mr. George Day date was chosen because it’s his birthday (hint: this fun fact will help you with question #1!)? This incredible man traveled to Florida with nothing but a dream and $9 in his pocket. So let’s play a special round of trivia that’s dedicated to his life and career.

1. Mr. George was born in Harris City, Georgia, in September 1907.
What date was he born?
A. Sept. 1
B. Sept. 13
C. Sept. 26
D. Sept. 29

2. George Jenkins is a household name for Publix associates.
What is his middle name?
A. Washington
B. William
C. Howard
D. Thomas

3. After making his way to Florida in 1925, Mr. George started managing
what grocery store after just six weeks of working there?
A. Food World
B. S&H
C. Piggly Wiggly
D. A&P

4. After learning the business and deciding he could run a better store, Mr. George opened his first Publix Food Store. What year did his first store open?
A. 1928
B. 1930
C. 1932
D. 1935

5. Take a wild guess at how much the first Publix Food Store had in sales annually during its first few years.
A. $50,000
B. $100,000
C. $200,000
D. $1 million

6. In 1940, the first Publix Super Market opened and was affectionately referred to as a food palace. Which of the following was not an amenity the store was known for?
A. air-conditioning
B. piped-in music
C. automatic doors
D. an elevator

7. Mr. George enjoyed playing golf, and in 1965, he opened an 18-hole golf course that’s still in operation today. What’s the name of this golf course?
A. Lone Palm Golf Course
B. Green Palm Golf Course
C. Par Three Golf Course
D. Palm Tree Golf Course

8. Mr. George wasn’t the only bundle of joy born to his parents, Annie and George Jenkins. How many siblings did Mr. George have?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 7

Online Exclusive

1 – D
2 – A
3 – C
4 – B
5 – B
6 – D
7 – A
8 – D