By - February 1, 2018

Associates share passion for helping


On or off the clock, Publix associates share a passion for helping others. Here are just a few examples of your fellow associates making someone’s day a little better.

Providing help for those in need

Association of the Diaspora for the Solidarity in Haiti (ADSH)

Brothers and Deli Clerks Patrick and Widney Jacques, #1283, Jacksonville, Florida, are founding officers of the Association of the Diaspora for the Solidarity in Haiti (ADSH). This nonprofit organization works to lessen the effects of poverty through programs that reduce hunger and support education and health.

“After our mother brought us here from Haiti 10 years ago, we knew if we had good jobs and the ability to help, we would do it,” said Patrick. “We try to do the best we can.”

Patrick and Widney travel to Haiti three times each year to deliver supplies. Last September, they distributed backpacks filled with school supplies to nearly 150 young students — many of whom had never been to school before. In December, they returned to celebrate Christmas with the children they helped. And their mission doesn’t stop in Haiti. Once a month, the brothers visit downtown Jacksonville to provide food and toiletries to those in need.

“We believe if you’re not helping someone in need, you’re not living,” said Widney. “We’re doing it to give people hope.”

A special connection with children

Customer Service Staff Delmar Layzod, #1404, Mobile, Alabama, loves interacting with children. He loves telling jokes, and he makes sure every child who comes into the store receives a balloon or a coloring page. And children love him, too! Last Halloween, one of his regular customers wanted to dress up as Delmar for Halloween. The child’s parents went on the Publix Company Store website and ordered a Publix apron for his costume. He also carried a bunch of balloons as he trick-or-treated.

“When Delmar interacts with a child, it’s amazing to watch,” said Store Manager Chad Blanton. “They seem to look at him like a grandfather because he goes out of his way to make them feel special.”

Roadside assistance in a pinch

When Customer Service Manager Jordan McGivern, #1143, Newnan, Georgia, had a flat tire on the way to work, he did what a lot of people would do: he called roadside assistance. Then, he called Store Manager P.J. Holloway to let him know what was going on. Even though it was his day off, P.J. came to his rescue and helped get him back on the road.

“He [P.J.] really believes in Mr. George’s way of thinking,” said Jordan. “He puts not only his customers first, but his associates as well.”

A dog’s life

Front Service Clerk Hunter Kelly, #866, Clearwater, Florida, rescued a customer’s four-legged family member from a scary situation. The dog was hit by a car and swept into the stormwater drain next to his store. Hunter crawled into the drain and pulled the dog to safety.

The dog received treatment for its injuries and came away with a few staples and a limp. The next morning, Hunter stopped by the customer’s house to check on the family and the dog.

“He [Hunter] went above and beyond to save my dog’s life,” said the customer. “His parents raised a good kid.”