By - August 1, 2018

Aprons brings new life to ready-to-cook meals


The Aprons kiosk has been a longtime favorite spot for our customers. Whether it’s sampling a taste of this week’s featured dish or grabbing a card that includes a recipe you want to try, Aprons has always brought us mealtime inspiration. But now, by expanding the Aprons brand to the meat department, it’s bringing us so much more.

Ready-to-cook dinner options have been expanding in the meat department for the last several years, with the help of our Aprons chefs. But with various packaging and branding, something was needed to bring it all together. So, Publix decided to leverage the expertise our Aprons brand is known for to streamline the look of meal solutions, including how these products are merchandised.

Not everything in the meat department will have this new look. Ready-to-cook products will need to meet specific criteria to qualify as an Aprons branded item. They must

  • include fresh ingredients
  • require cooking
  • be recipes created or inspired by Publix Aprons chefs and
  • contain at least three ingredients.

Ingredients like marinade or spice blend — containing salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder and/or smoked paprika — count as a single ingredient.

So look for the Aprons brand on Campfire Meals, seafood and meat Cook-in-Bags, Slow Cooker Meals and many ready-to-cook products (excluding those with less than three ingredients like Publix Seasoned Beef Cube Steak). They’ll be easily identifiable with a new color coding system on the packaging and in the service meat case. GreenWise options will still be available, too.

By uniting the Aprons brand with our already convenient and delicious meal solutions, we can better showcase the quality and freshness of these Publix-exclusive offerings.

So bring home the flavor and creativity of these chef-inspired recipes for yourself, and tell your friends, family and customers which ones you like best!