By - January 1, 2019

Bring the winning combination to the big game


Are you ready for some football? Well, you better bring the snacks too.

Americans consume more food during the professional championship game than they do on any other day, except Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of chips and dip, no matter which team you want to win.

Add these Xs and Os to your playbook for a guaranteed victory.

Rush the passer

If you’re lucky enough to intercept a last-minute invitation to the party, order ahead through our online easy ordering (OEO) system to skip the line and arrive on time. Order subs for your crew and choose your pickup time and location. If you’ve got some time pregame, order a deli or seafood platter to pick up the next day.

Hail Mary

If you’re out of timeouts and the salsa’s running low, use our grocery delivery services, powered by Instacart, to have snacks delivered to your door the same day. Just use the Publix Delivery app or visit for a halftime refresh. The defense will never see it coming.

The extra point

Nothing makes victory sweeter than a Publix cake. Use our order ahead services, or have it delivered to celebrate that sweet success.

Now that you have your plays, all you have left to do is practice your touchdown dance.

Ever wonder how Publix and Instacart ended up on the same roster? It’s simple.

It only seemed right to have the two industry leaders join the same team. We’re an expert at selling groceries. We have convenient store locations, offer high-quality products and keep customer service at the forefront of our business. Meanwhile, Instacart is the leader in providing efficient online ordering and quick grocery delivery. That’s why we teamed up to begin delivering our premier service and high-quality products to our Miami Division customers’ doors in 2016. Now, we offer this service across our entire operating area.