By - August 1, 2018

Don’t fear the artichoke

artichoke on a plate

Ah, the artichoke. Tasty salad and pizza topping. Intimidating produce item. How on earth do they go from a tough, green bulb to tender deliciousness?

That answer can be found during this month’s Getting Creative with Artichokes tasting event Saturday, Aug. 18, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.! Stop by your Aprons kiosk to learn how to prepare artichokes in inspired and delectable new ways.

  • Sample Artichoke and Sausage Dip along with steamed artichoke petals dipped in a lemon-garlic aioli.
  • Pick up a few prep pointers from the demonstration video.
  • Take home a brochure featuring techniques and recipes.

Visit to learn more.