By - December 1, 2018

Food trends set to dominate the scene in 2019

Food Trends icons of food on blue background

The Culinary Visions Panel has unveiled its 2019 Food and Flavor Forecast featuring the consumer trends they expect to make it big next year. After visiting more than a dozen trade conferences, interviewing culinary professionals and surveying more than 5,000 consumers, this is what they found.

Nutritional knock-out

Consumers aren’t just looking for food to satisfy their hunger. They are searching for products that pack a nutritional punch. More than 70 percent of consumers surveyed said they ingest specific foods for specific dietary functions. Probiotics, anyone?

OK, just a little taste

It’s no longer an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to dieting. Carb lovers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief as the study found 66 percent of consumers feel it’s more important to enjoy their food than watch their weight. Maintaining a healthful lifestyle isn’t going to involve sticking to strict diets in 2019, but instead choosing to enjoy feel-good foods in moderation. So, say goodbye to the Keto diet and say hello to that taquito you’ve been craving.

Ethical eats

Consumers are seeking out products with recyclable or reduced packaging and ethically-sourced ingredients, with hopes of leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Sustainable products and practices are expected to be showcased on product advertisements, restaurant menus and packaging. Check out all the ways we are working toward a more sustainable future at

Bridging the aisles

Consumers also want equal access to healthful foods and junk foods in all environments. This is most evident in the growing trend of grab-and-go foods with better-for-you ingredients being made available everywhere from the grocery store to the gas station. The trend is expected to continue with 88 percent of consumers saying they hope to add more plant-based products to their diet. But no need to feel alone meat-eaters: 82 percent of these same consumers said they love meat.

All up in the grill and not sure of the flavor?

Next year, worldly flavors are expected to make a big splash on the scene. International ingredients and flavor profiles from Peru, Brazil, Korea and the Philippines may be showing up on a dish near you. Want to get a head start? Check out some worldly inspired dishes from Aprons at