By - March 1, 2019

Local, farm-fresh favorites handpicked just for you


Buying local products may seem like just another trend, but it’s way more than the newest cultural buzzword. In fact, buying local isn’t even a new concept in the modern-day food industry. For more than 85 years, Publix has partnered with local growers to bring you fresh products. That’s not only because we like the idea of farm-fresh, close-to-home food — but also because we like to do business with our neighbors and support our communities. Above all, buying local supports the local economy, promotes healthy habits and fosters a sense of pride in our communities.

While not every product can be locally sourced, when we can get produce, meat, seafood and other products (like honey!) from the states where we operate, you can bet that’s exactly what we try to do. Whether customers are buying local products for personal, economical or environmental reasons, Publix works with farms to bring more options to our stores. We also work with several state-level organizations — such as Fresh from Florida, Alabama Gulf Seafood and Got to be NC Seafood — to identify local products.

Here are just a few of our amazing suppliers and their farm favorites that have become staples in our stores. With so many reasons to buy local, only one question remains: What will you try next?

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