premier service

William Mitchem Hero

This associate packs passion in every scoop


This bakery associate serves up smiles


Publix offers a promise through our brand


Customers always shop at their Publix

Publix Associate, Curtis Browning, in his safety vest

Industrial Operations Systems Manager Curtis Browning helps people


Deli RIS finds his Publix passion


Going above and beyond the data


Jared McAuley was born into Publix family

Customer Service and Safety Awards

Stores recognized for safety, customer service

Produce Clerk James Welaha

James Welaha lifts customers’ spirits

Assistant Produce Manager Amber Quinn

Amber Quinn: dedicated to quality, customers and associates

Todd Jones, CEO & President

Service is our focus

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Calling All Publix Fans And Followers

Mike Dostie

Innovative associate is a true team player

Ed Crenshaw

Our mission for our stockholders