By - July 1, 2016

Find your perfect match at Publix

Find your perfect match at Publix

Did you know there are literally thousands of unique career opportunities at Publix? In fact, we have more than 4,000 support area positions alone. With so many options, how do you know which one is the best match for you?

We’re making it easier than ever for job seekers — that may be you! — to find positions at Publix that match their specific skills and preferences. A new tool called Publix Careers Job Match is now available to give job seekers and associates the best access to a wide variety of job recommendations in retail and support. Check out the Publix Careers Job Match, and then visit to see how you match up!

Welcome Screen

The homepage features four videos depicting what it’s like to work in the different areas of our business — retail, distribution, manufacturing and office. Begin Publix Careers Job Match to find a variety of jobs perfect for you

First, you’ll answer a series of questions, and then you’ll be matched based on what you look for in a work environment, your education and skills, your experience with things like software and presentations, and your work experience.

Step 1
Indicate your preferred work environment
Step 2
Specify your education and skills
07Process-Step-1---Jobs-Match 07Process-Step-2---Jobs-Match
Step 3
Identify your general experience
Step 4
Tell us about your work and industry experience
Step 3 07Process-Step-4---Jobs-Match

Step 5
07Process-Step-5---Jobs-MatchYour job matches tell you which positions have the highest percentage match rate to your preferences, education and skills. You can then view job profiles and qualifications and learn how to apply.

07JobSearchAgentScreen2You also can browse current support openings. If you don’t see a support job posting that is considered a good match, you can create a Job Search Agent on the Publix Jobs Center at This feature sends you emails when openings occur in the departments and locations you choose. For retail job matches, simply head to your nearest store and apply at the Job Application Center kiosk. Or, if you’re already a retail associate and interested in working in another area of the store, speak with your manager to explore ways to move into that area.

Oh, the places you could go!
Have you seen what’s new on the Career & Self Development page on PASSport? You can find information on critical store openings in our Charlotte Division, the Florida Keys, the Florida Panhandle and Virginia, and a link to the Publix Jobs Center to check out openings in our office, manufacturing and distribution areas. Just visit PASSport > Personal > Careers & Self Development to explore the possibilities today.