By - August 1, 2015

Leading the charge and taking the coin!

Prevention Plus

Each month, the PreventionPlus support team awards Challenge Coins to retail associates who have proven their dedication to safety and reducing shrink. Check out a few of the winners and their stories below.

0815MattScott_878Customer Service Staff Matt Scott #878, Valrico, Florida

Matt always coaches associates on the importance of safety and encourages the team to lift properly. He keeps a paper towel in his pocket, so he’s ready to handle spills. Matt is the store’s in-house safety advocate.

0815TaylorArmesProduce Clerk Taylor Armes #1336, Largo, Florida

Taylor always wears proper personal protection equipment when performing tasks with chemicals. And, she has been witnessed multiple times coaching other associates to do the same.

0815Matthew-Mulhausen_1488Customer Service Staff Matthew Mulhausen #1488, Winter Park, Florida

In preparation for each week’s huddle meeting, Matthew compiles a list of topics to discuss on an index card — and safety topics are always on his list. He also shares his index card with other front end coordinators to keep the safety message going when he’s not working. Matthew takes safety seriously!