By - July 1, 2016

PreventionPlus has a new look for the new campaign

Prevention Plus

Retail associates should keep an eye out for a new logo and a new PreventionPlus character — Captain Napkin — on the new PreventionPlus program materials.

Captain NapkinIt’s time to say goodbye to the old safety testers and hello to Captain Napkin and the refreshed PreventionPlus logo! You’ll begin to see Captain Napkin on your CBTs and breakroom posters soon.

Again this year, you can be recognized with a challenge coin if you excel at bringing awareness to shrink and safety in your store. You can be nominated by your assistant store manager, and the PreventionPlus support team chooses the winners.

Keep an eye out for Captain Napkin on PreventionPlus materials this year.Periodically, challenge coin winners are featured in Publix News and in the PreventionPlus newsletter. Show your manager why you deserve to win! Each month starts a new opportunity to demonstrate your commitment, so even if you haven’t won yet, don’t give up.

Artists — here’s your calling
If you have an idea for a shrink or safety PreventionPlus poster, the PreventionPlus support team wants to see what you can come up with. One winner will be chosen for the shrink category and one for the safety category. The winning submission from each category will be used to inspire a future PreventionPlus poster, and each winner will receive a PreventionPlus prize pack.

Send your artwork and/or idea by Aug. 14 to, or through company mail to Allyse Dempsey in loss prevention. Your entry should include your

  • name and job title
  • store number or work location
  • personnel number
  • category: shrink or safety and
  • concept — provide a little background explaining your message.

Participation in this activity is completely voluntary and should be worked on at home. You will not be paid for the use of your entry or the time or resources used to create it.

Click here to read the complete rules.