By - February 1, 2015

Recall information at your fingertips


We take our responsibility to protect our customers’ safety very seriously. We monitor information from regulatory agencies, so we try to be among the first to know when a product recall or food safety warning is issued.

Products may be recalled for a variety of reasons. The product may be mislabeled, contain an undeclared allergen or have a product quality issue. If a recall occurs, we immediately alert our stores so associates can remove the product from the shelves. We also work quickly to get information out to customers through our

  • store signage. Stores are required to post Severity 1 food recall notices for customers. This means if a product poses a public health concern, such as it contains contaminants or has a label that doesn’t declare an allergen, a sign will be posted in each store’s lobby.
  • corporate website. Customers can visit our website, > About Publix > Newsroom> Recalls to review a list of recalled products. Customers can click the link of each listed product to read the varieties being recalled, why it’s recalled and whom to contact with questions.
  • social platforms. Fans and followers will see recalls of Publix products posted on Facebook and Twitter. Customers appreciate the opportunity to ask questions about the product being recalled like when Publix Baby Bella Mushrooms were recalled in early 2014. According to Facebook, approximately 350,000 people saw our recall post, and many customers shared comments and asked questions about the packages they recently purchased.