By - May 1, 2016

Service, safety and standards go hand in hand

Store Manager Jim McDede and Assistant Store Manager Patrick Gabriel

Two managers are engaging their associates through a program that focuses on service, safety and standards.

Store Manager Jim McDede and Assistant Store Manager Patrick Gabriel, #1455, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, developed the 3S program as a way to improve their store’s Mystery Shopping scores. Once or twice a week, Jim and Patrick pick an associate from each department, and together, they review service, safety and standards in that area.

First, they talk about the importance of service by reviewing the latest Mystery Shopping scores and updating the poster. Next, the associate takes the lead by pointing out personal safety and food safety observations. Finally, they look at packaging and quality to make sure products are made to Publix standards. During and after each walk, Jim and Patrick offer coaching on any opportunities for improvement and celebrate what the department is doing right.

“We live for serving customers, and we always want to do the right thing,” said Jim. “It’s one thing to talk with my department managers about what they need to improve on, but when an associate is involved, I get their buy-in, they learn the expectations, and they feel empowered.”

Food Safety Specialist Tim Westbrook recently visited the store and shared some tips to help associates work even more efficiently and safely.

“Associates were very aware of food safety in particular, and they were interested in learning more,” said Tim. “Jim and Patrick are developing associates by cultivating a culture of service and safety, and emphasizing the importance of producing products to Publix standards.”

Congratulations to Jim, Patrick and all the associates at #1455 — keep up the great work!