By - August 1, 2015

Take the green routine with you everywhere you go

GreenRoutine Earth Hero

It’s important to be conscious of the impact you have on the planet. Check out these tips for keeping up your green routine at work and while travelling this summer.

Working in a green routine is easy

  • Use paper clips instead of staples.
  • Keep plenty of scrap paper handy. You can use the back of old documents for low priority printing, if you are unable to print double-sided.
  • Reuse envelopes and file folders, when possible.
  • Use refillable tape dispensers.
  • Keep a recycle bin handy.
  • Check with a manager if you’re not sure whether certain materials can be recycled.

 Travel green this summer too

  • Reuse bedding and bath linens during your stay at hotels. Many hotels provide a card to designate your preference — take advantage! This is an easy way to help conserve resources.
  • Turn up the air conditioner and turn off the lights and television to reduce energy use when leaving your hotel room.
  • Use reusable bags on all your shopping trips — to the mall, book store and, of course, to the grocery store!
  • Only take the amount of products you need from restaurants or lodgings. Take only napkins, condiment packets, brochures, maps or coupons that you will actually use.

Learn how Publix’s sustainability efforts make a difference. Take a look at the 2014 Social and Environmental Stewardship Summary by visiting