By - July 1, 2017

Talent of retail associates featured in PreventionPlus campaign

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The PreventionPlus support team is Celebrating our Associates!

Last year, the PreventionPlus support team announced a contest for associates to submit shrink and safety poster ideas for the 2017 – 2018 PreventionPlus campaign.

This month, the team is unveiling its new campaign, Celebrating our Associates, which was inspired by the contest entries.

After evaluating all submissions, the PreventionPlus support team announced two winners — one for shrink and one for safety.

CS Mgr. Clark La Grange

CS Mgr. Clark La Grange, #1330, Deltona, FL, won in the shrink category.

Customer Service Manager Clark La Grange, #1330,Deltona, Florida, (pictured above, holding award) was selected as the shrink winner for his rendition of the Shrink Triangle. Assistant Customer Service Manager Sean Bruce, #1300, Clearwater, Florida, (pictured below, holding award) was the safety winner for his Game of Spills-inspired poster.

Asst CS Mgr. Sean Bruce

Asst CS Mgr. Sean Bruce, #1300, Clearwater, FL, won in the safety category.

In addition, the inspiration of 11 other associates have been converted into posters that will be featured throughout the year-long campaign beginning this month. Posters will be displayed in store break rooms.

This campaign is focused on the importance of reducing shrink and promoting safety through the eyes of our associates,” said Director of Loss Prevention and Safety Dennis Wamsley.

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The 2017-2018 PreventionPlus shrink and safety campaign posters: Celebrating our Associates

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    2017 July PreventionPlus poster
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    2017 August PreventionPlus poster
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    2017 September PreventionPlus poster
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    2017 October PreventionPlus poster
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    2017 November PreventionPlus poster
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    2017 December PreventionPlus poster
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    2018 January PreventionPlus poster
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    2018 February PreventionPlus poster
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    2018 March PreventionPlus poster
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    2018 April PreventionPlus poster
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    2018 May PreventionPlus poster
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    2018 June PreventionPlus poster