By - June 1, 2019

Learn the benefits of owning vs. leasing


At Publix, we take ownership — of caring for each other, our customers, our communities and our company. Our pride in what we do is why our customers know us as the place where shopping is a pleasure!

Throughout our history, Publix has always owned a few of the stores and shopping centers we occupy. However, in 2013, Publix decided to own more of the stores and shopping centers in our operating area. Since then, Publix has purchased almost 200 stores and shopping centers — a number that continues to grow! At the end of 2018, Publix owned over 400 of our stores and shopping centers.

Do you know about the benefits of owning versus leasing? Check out the differences.

As a tenant, we

  • pay rent to a landlord each month
  • submit maintenance requests to the landlord to take care of
  • receive no return on investment and
  • have limited control over exterior factors like the quality of maintenance and adjacent tenants, and the overall appearance of the property.

As an owner, we

  • can choose our tenants over time and create synergy with neighboring businesses
  • select tenants that offer specialty services like nail salons and gyms
  • receive rental income from tenants
  • lower operating costs by directly managing expenses like maintenance and
  • generate additional jobs like property managers, leasing professionals and maintenance technicians.

By owning many of our shopping centers, Publix can provide a better experience for our customers from the moment they park their cars. And by investing in our infrastructure, our actions become more cost effective, making us great stewards for our stockholders. After all, we own it!