By - January 1, 2019

Presto! Not quite magic, but more than an ATM


To any customer, our Presto! ATM would appear to be just another ATM. But as a company owner, the machine represents so much more.

Publix created the Presto! Network in 1982 to offer premier banking services to our customers. Over the years, many banks and credit unions have joined the network to provide their customers with surcharge-free access to their money at all Presto! ATMs. But these banks and their customers also participate with Presto! when they make a purchase using their debit card in our stores.

When customers use a card to pay for their order, Publix pays a transaction fee. But when a Presto! Network member uses their debit card with a PIN, there are significant savings for Publix by reducing our transaction costs, since we own the network. This has the potential to save our company millions of dollars each year. This is great news for us owners!

You can check to see if your bank is a Presto! member when you visit

If you’re a member of a Presto! Network bank or credit union, then

  • use your debit card with a PIN when making a Publix purchase
  • take advantage of the surcharge-free Presto! ATMs and
  • encourage friends, family and fellow associates to join a Presto! Network bank or credit union.

If your current bank or credit union isn’t a member, contact them and suggest they join, or consider switching to one of the over 2,000 institutions that are.