By - May 1, 2019

Remember to update your stockholder information


Did you update your information?

A fresh start is a great thing. But it also means you need to update your address, telephone number and banking information — not only on PASSport, but also with stockholder services. The easiest way to update your information with stockholder services is through Publix Stockholder Online.

What’s Publix Stockholder Online?

Publix Stockholder Online (PSO) is a website that makes it convenient and easy for you to view your Publix stock held in your PROFIT Plan and/or Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) accounts.

First, you have to create a secure and confidential PSO account. After logging in, you can

  • sign up for or manage direct deposit for dividends
  • view your PROFIT Plan and ESPP account balances, dividend payment history and tax documents
  • view your ESPP stock certificate detail, including which certificates are paper and electronic
  • change your mailing address for your ESPP account
  • change your email address and phone number for your PSO account
  • manage your online delivery preferences and
  • complete and print the forms to purchase Publix stock during offering periods, if you’re eligible.

Follow these three steps to create a PSO account

  1. Click on the Publix Stockholder Online link from the Financial page on PASSport.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the required information.


  • Making a mailing address change on PASSport updates your PROFIT and 401(k) SMART Plan accounts, but not your ESPP account. You also need to update your mailing address on PSO or use the form at > Stockholder Resources > Forms.
  • When you’re changing your email address or phone number, you need to update PASSport, as well as PSO, if you have a PROFIT Plan or ESPP account. The change on PSO needs to be made while you still have access to the email address or phone number listed on your account; otherwise, you won’t be able to log in to your PSO account if you forget your user ID and/or password (and we know this happens to all of us from time to time!).

But wait…there’s more!

Last year, Publix began issuing stock as electronic certificates, or e-certs, and no longer issues paper certificates. E-certs make it even easier for you to manage your ESPP account since you don’t have to physically safeguard e-certs. You also don’t have to locate and mail e-certs to Publix when you’re requesting a stock transaction. All of the information you need to complete a transaction request form is conveniently available on PSO.

Are you ready to go green?

We believe in being responsible to the needs of our planet. Our Get into a Green Routine program is thriving companywide, and you play an important part.

You can choose to go paperless with benefits and tax documents through your online delivery preferences under My Profile on PASSport.

You also can choose to replace your paper stock certificates with e-certs for your ESPP account. Just log in to PSO and complete the Replacing Publix Paper Stock Certificates for Electronic Form. Submit the form with your paper stock certificates to stockholder services.

If you’ve lost a paper certificate, complete the Affidavit of Loss of Stock Certificate and Replacement Request Form on PSO, and obtain a medallion signature guarantee from a qualified financial institution. The fee to replace a lost paper certificate with an e-cert is waived through June 30. And the good news is once you have e-certs, you don’t have to worry about lost stock certificates again!