Rice Crispy treat pumpkins on crumbled cookie dirt, edible crafty bones, eyeball decorated cupcakes

For the crafty parent, Halloween is a fun time to show some creativity and do more than just trick or treating. Whether you throw the best Halloween party on the block or you need some ghoulish treats for your child’s classroom party, we guarantee everyone will love these treats!

Everything you need to make these desserts can be found in our store. It just takes a little creativity and a sweet tooth. Which will you try? Will it be our peanut butter and white chocolate pretzel dipped bones? Maybe our monster cupcakes or cookies?

Frankenstein decorated cupcakes, bat decorated cupcakes

Ingredients: (Frankenstein) Chocolate cupcakes, marshmallow, white chocolate melts, dark chocolate melts, food coloring, icing. (Bats) Vanilla cupcakes, cookies and cream icing, chocolate sandwich cookies, icing.

Donuts decorated with Halloween themed faces

Ingredients: Chocolate donuts, candy corn, sprinkles, candy eye balls, red hot candy, candy crowns.

Edible bones, eyeball decorated cupcakes

Ingredients: (Eyeballs) Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate melts, almond paste, edible baking/craft paint. (Bones) Pretzel rods, peanut butter, powdered sugar, white chocolate melts.

Candy corn, ghost decorated nutter butters, mummy decorated sandwich cookies on sticks

Ingredients: (Ghosts) Peanut butter sandwich cookies, white chocolate melts, icing. (Mummy) Chocolate sandwich cookies, white chocolate melts, candy eye balls.

Monster and vampire teeth decorated cookies

Ingredients: (Vampire teeth) Publix chocolate chip cookies, mini marshmallows, almond paste, red icing. (Monsters) Publix chocolate chip and sprinkle cookies, icing, food coloring, candy eye balls.

Rice cirspy treat decorated like pumpkins

Ingredients: Rice cereal treats, food coloring, tootsie rolls, almond paste.


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