As summer comes to an end, don’t miss out on the chance to satisfy your summertime sweet tooth one last time. Available now through September, these limited-time treats combine bright, tangy citrus flavors with tropical favorites like pineapple and coconut to bring the tropics to your local Publix Bakery.

Key Lime Cookies

Irresistible shortbread cookies brimming with Key lime bits and cream cheese chips,
finished with a dust of powdered sugar.

Publix Bakery key lime cookies plated on a green palm leaf shaped plate 

Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Decadent chocolate cookies with toasted pecans.

Pina Colada Bar Cake

Inspired by the famous drink, this dessert features velvety yellow cake with pineapple and cherries — filled and topped with coconut cream cheese icing and toasted coconut.

Close up of Publix Bakery pina colada bar cake on a   white plate with a slice of pineapple and chipped coconut 

Lemon Cream Cheese Bar Cake

This spongy lemon cake includes two layers of sweet lemon cream cheese icing topped with soft lemon chips and drizzled with creamy vanilla glaze.

Close up of Publix Bakery lemon cream cheese bar cake on a white plate.

 Lemon Raspberry Loaf Cake

Tangy, lemony loaf cake slices swirled with raspberry.

Meyer Lemon Macarons

Traditional macarons infused with Meyer lemon goodness.

Chocolate Chip Scones

Rich, tender scones with just the right amount of sweetness
and bites of semi-sweet chocolate chunks.

Lemon Cream Cheese Mini Strudel

Light, flaky pastry punctuated with a lemon and cream cheese filling.

Close-up of Publix Bakery lemon cream cheese strudel on a tropical themed plate 


Austin B.

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Austin joined the Publix family in 2016. As a life-long native of Publix’s hometown, he is passionate about everything Publix has to offer! Austin is an avid participant in community theater as well as a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to try new things. Outside of work you’ll find him entertaining friends and family both on stage and in the kitchen. Austin is excited to share his love for food and Publix through The Publix Checkout!

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