If you live in Virginia, you already enjoy the amazing beaches and rich history, but did you know you’ll soon be able to shop with Publix too? There are so many things we’d like to tell you about what you can expect with us, but to keep things simple, let’s start with the top ten reasons why shopping with us is a pleasure.

Publix Guarantee: We will never knowingly disappoint you with one of our products. If for any reason a purchase does not give you complete satisfaction, the full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded immediately upon request.

Publix Promise: If during checkout, the scanned price of an item (excluding alcohol and tobacco products) exceeds the shelf price or advertised price, we will give you one of that item free. The remaining items will be charged at the correct displayed price.

Your community is ours, too. From our founding in 1930, we have believed in the importance of being active and responsible members of our communities. We’re honored to be able to make a positive impact in our communities, from Habitat for Humanity and in-store campaigns with a variety of organizations, to youth soccer and charitable donations to non-profits. Want to learn more about how we serve our communities and the causes we support? Visit us here.

Our associates will be there to make sure your shopping experience is a pleasure. Can’t find an item? Need help reaching a product? Don’t know which side to make with your entrée? Our friendly and knowledgeable associates are here to help! As associate owners, we take great pride in knowing the ins-and-outs of our stores, our products, and the services we provide.   

Our carry-out service is a courtesy we provide for our customers. No matter if it’s three carts of snacks for the kid’s soccer team or a heavy case of water, it would be our pleasure to help you to your car.

06_AH Virginia 2Our BOGO deals will allow you to stock up and save on a variety of products. With buy one, get one free deals on dozens of items each week, you’ll never have to wait to get the savings and products you need.

Saving money is easy to do with our digital coupon program. Keep the scissors in the drawer by easily clipping your coupons online and redeeming at the register. Sign up today!

Online ordering of Deli and Bakery items couldn’t be easier. Order a freshly made sub to be picked up just in time for your lunch break, or order the perfect special occasion cake with ease. Come check out what we offer here!

Our dedication to the environment and intolerance for waste can be experienced throughout our company. In our mission to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we offer recycling for styrofoam and paper and plastic bags at our stores. We also carry reusable bags to support our mission of reducing the use of single-use bags. We are constantly looking at the most efficient ways to conserve energy, water, and fuel.  We donate millions of pounds of food to those in need, and we are actively working on sustainable seafood projects and research. Visit us to learn more on our stance on sustainability and dedication to the environment.

Fond memories of a free cookie when shopping with Mom Grand Opening Store 1547, Lake Placid, FLor Dad is something all lifelong Publix shoppers share, and we are continuing this tradition in Virginia. When we open in your neighborhood, stop by our Bakery and ask for a free cookie for the kids. It’s our treat!      


These are just a few examples of what makes us people’s favorite grocery store. When we open in your neighborhood, come by and visit us! Let us know what you love about your local Publix.


To see when we will be open in your neighborhood, stay updated here.

Alec H.

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Alec H. started his career with Publix in 2012, serving in many roles in the store before transitioning into corporate first as an intern and eventually as a full-time associate on the Social Media team. He loves to bring you behind-the-scenes looks at our products, especially because he gets to learn something new each time he writes a new blog, too. Alec’s favorite holiday is Halloween, which is fitting since watching scary movies are is one of his favorite pastimes. When he’s not writing for the Publix Checkout or interacting with our customers on social media, you’ll find him playing with his two dogs (Buster and Diesel), jamming on his ukulele, playing video and board games, or running on the beautiful streets of St. Petersburg, FL.

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  1. AvatarJoanne Reinhart Kelly

    Publix is such a great store! I have been shopping at Publix since coming to Florida in 1965. When I had kids the first thing is to go to Bsjety department for their FREE cookie! One if my sons & new daughter in law work for Publix for over 5 years & will be st the Virginia stores. You will LOVE them as all the Publix employeees–but tell them “hi” from Mom! You are lucky to get them both! I will need to visit Virginia soon! Good luck to all the new hires also! You will❤️ Your me Publix “family”!

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