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One of our favorite parts of working in social media is seeing all the adorable and sweet photos our customers share with us. We receive so many of them that we started posting Fan Photos every month. We love all our fans equally, but we’ve compiled a few of the ones we’ve posted over the years to share with you again! Here are some of our favorites.

Alt= “Woman in Publix Deli uniform wearing orange polo shirt and Deli apron in hair net holding a baby wearing a matching child-sized outfit”

#Twinning! We love this cute photo shared with us by Kaycee T.

Alt= “Baby girl in Publix shopping cart”

Thanks for sharing this adorable photo with us, Randi R!

Alt= “Baby girl in I love Publix t-shirt in shopping cart holding a sugar cookie”

Camila is living the life while shopping in style and eating a sugar cookie. Thanks for sharing this adorable fan photo with us, Jessica T.

Alt= “Baby boy in shopping cart smiling looking at a sugar cookie with sprinkles on his face”

Silas loved his first free kids’ cookie! It looks like we have a Publix fan for life. Thank you for the photo, Cindi M!

Alt= “Publix associate in uniform helping customer push shopping cart to his car in the rain holding an umbrella”

This is the premier Publix customer service we all know and love! Thank you for capturing this moment, Erin R.

Alt= “Man on knees with his hands up in front of Publix store”

Nothing says welcome home like a trip to Publix! Thanks for sharing this fan photo with us, Rashad F.

Alt= “Groom and five groomsmen in grey suits in front of Publix store”

The groom and his groomsmen had to get a Pub Sub on the way to the wedding! Thanks for sharing this fan photo with us, Mitchell.

Alt= “Smiling baby in shopping cart” We all feel this way while cruising down the aisles! This cute photo was submitted by Amanda H.

Alt= “Smiling baby in shopping cart holding coloring sheet and crayons”

A shopping trip and a chance to color? Sounds like a great day to us! We love this adorable photo submitted by Myron.

Alt= “black puppy with while paws holding Publix soccer ball in mouth”

It would be a dog-gone shame to not finish this blog post with this photo from Julianne H.



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Jackie J. became a Publix associate in 2017 after deciding to take her love of food to the next level. She began working with the Social Media team at that time and she immediately fell in love with life at Publix. In her spare time, she bakes to relax and creates yummy morsels for friends and family to munch on. When she isn’t working, you can probably find her playing with her cat and dog (Nila and Oreo), at a theme park or watching a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.

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