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It’s time for a new assortment of delicious limited-edition Publix ice cream flavors! As we start to think about the holiday season, there are usually some classic, nostalgic flavors that come to mind. This collection includes some of those flavors plus several other delectable creations. Did your favorite flavor make the list?

Santa’s White Christmas

The classic flavor of Barnie’s® Santa’s White Christmas® coffee delightfully mixed with cocoa espresso flakes

Santa's white Christmas ice cream carton

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie-flavored ice cream with swirls of whipped cream and buttery-flavored pie crust pieces

Pumpkin pie ice cream carton

Peppermint Stick

Luscious vanilla ice cream with festive bits of peppermint candy

Peppermint stick ice cream carton


Rich eggnog ice cream with a kiss of nutmeg

Eggnog ice cream carton

Southern Banana Pudding

French custard ice cream with swirls of creamy banana sauce and bits of vanilla wafers

Southern banana pudding ice cream carton

Caramel Mountain Tracks

Toffee-flavored ice cream with ribbons of caramel, dotted with praline pecans and milk caramel turtles

Caramel mountain tracks ice cream carton


Brown butter-flavored ice cream with cinnamon graham crumb swirls and graham cookie pieces

Snickerdoodle ice cream carton

New York-Style Cheesecake

Cheesecake-flavored ice cream with a tart cherry-flavored ribbon and graham cracker pieces

New York Cheesecake ice cream carton

Hazelnut Amaretto Biscotti

Rich chocolate hazelnut-flavored ice cream swirled with amaretto-flavored cookie crumbles and dark chocolate flakes

Hazelnut amaretto ice cream carton

Marshmallow, Candy Cane & Cookie Blast

Marshmallow-flavored ice cream with bits of candy cane and a chocolate cookie swirl

Marshmallow candy cane ice cream carton

Chocolate Malt

Chocolate malt ice cream with chocolatey sauce and crunchy chocolate malt pieces

Chocolate malt ice cream carton

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Apple-flavored ice cream swirled with cinnamon and brown sugar sauce, with pieces of real apple and sugar-rolled pie crust

Deep dish apple pie ice cream carton



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Karleigh W. joined the Publix family in 2013 as a front service clerk. Before becoming a full-time member of the team, she was a 2019 summer intern. Her love for writing, serving customers and Publix culture fuels her inspiration to bring new ideas to The Publix Checkout. Outside of work, Karleigh likes to bake, cook and spend time with her husband and their cat, Cici.

7 Comments on “12 Limited-Edition Publix Ice Cream Flavors to Try This Season

  1. AvatarTeresa

    Our family is obsessed with the hazelnut amaretto biscotti and mourns its loss every December. Is there any chance this could become a standard flavor? If not, when do you cease producing it? I need an exact date so I can clear our freezer and plan accordingly/stockpile. Thanks.

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hi Teresa! I don’t have any information about an exact date, but we will offer this flavor through December. I will share your suggestion to make this an every day flavor with our teams!

  2. AvatarJordan

    No Peanut Butter Pie Ice Cream this season!??! No… Please tell me it’s not true! That is hands down the best flavor of ice cream ever made and I was soooo looking forward to it this christmas. Every single time I purchased that in the past the employees would tell me it was their favorite too.

    Please reconsider Publix. Bring back the Peanut Butter Pie and bring it back permanently. Please oh please!

  3. AvatarCarole

    I’m sure I’ll enjoy all these flavors, especially the eggnog and Santa’s White Christmas! Kudos to the department that chose these yummy sounding flavors for Christmastime!

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