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Publix gives us many reasons to smile, but our customers are our favorite one! You make doing our jobs truly a pleasure. Check out these Publix shoppers who melted our hearts and brought smiles to our faces.Cutest_Customer_1

1)   The time this adorable baby took a nap to rest up for the big job ahead.


2) The time this customer found the perfect lime.


3) The time these cuties enjoyed the ride.


4) The time this customer stopped to enjoy a #PubSub!


5) The time this little customer hugged the balloon so tight, we all felt the love.


6) The time this precious customer was amazed by her new favorite item — Publix sugar cookies with sprinkles.


7) The time this smiling young lady greeted us at the door. Cutest_Customer_8

8) The time this cutie brought along a friend to her favorite grocery store.


9) The time this customer drove right through our stores — and into our hearts. Cutest_Customer_10

10) The time this little man stopped by for a sweet treat.

Cutest_Customer_1211) The time this cutie was mesmerized by the power of the free Publix sugar cookie!

1260 Apollo Beach FL Opening Plato Waving12) The time this young lady waved goodbye to Plato the Publixaurus after a great shopping trip!

We can always count on the cutest customers to bring a smile to our faces. Thank you for shopping with us, we look forward to seeing you in our stores again soon!



Do you have any stories of your kids enjoying Publix? Share them with us in the comments.

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Catalina H. became a Publix associate in 2012 and has thought of it as a home away from home ever since. When choosing what to write about, she thinks about her own life and what she wants to know more about – that way she can learn something new, too! Although her favorite Publix brand product is the Bakery Carrot Cake, you’ll probably find her snacking on peppers and drinking lots of water when writing her blogs. Outside of work, Catalina enjoys fitness, reading, crafting, and exploring new things (do you see a theme here?).

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