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Many who have had the “pleasure” would agree, there’s something special about growing up on Publix. As a lifelong native of Publix’s hometown, I can trace countless memories back to Publix, from my mom bringing food home from the Publix Deli on busy weeknights to insisting on weighing myself on the Toledo scale during every visit to the store.

Get ready for all the nostalgia. We’re taking a look at the tell-tale signs you were raised on Publix.

  • There is one Publix location that you will always refer to as “my Publix.”

  • Your birthday cake must always come from the Publix Bakery. No other cake will do.

  • The alluring smell of chicken frying as you enter your local Publix fills your heart with nostalgia.

  • Your childhood excitement for getting a free cookie from the bakery has turned into anticipation over what next week’s BOGOs and “sub of the week” will be.

  • At some point, you’ve played for a youth soccer team sponsored by Publix.

  • You always find yourself at Publix before every beach trip to pick up a few necessities.

  • The Publix Deli family combo meal is a busy weeknight dinner staple in your household.

  • You remember Publix’s 90s-esque coral and teal phase.

  • #PubSubs will always hold a special place in your heart.

  • Nothing says “the holidays are here” like the scent of cinnamon brooms perforating through your store’s produce department.

  • You’ve colored your fair share of Plato coloring sheets.

  • Platters from the Publix Deli and Bakery have kept you fed at more get-togethers than you can count.

  • You know who we’re talking about when we say “Mr. George” and how important he is to Publix.

How many of these were you able to check off the list? Let us know in the comments!

Austin B.

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Austin joined the Publix family in 2016. As a life-long native of Publix’s hometown, he is passionate about everything Publix has to offer! Austin is an avid participant in community theater as well as a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to try new things. Outside of work you’ll find him entertaining friends and family both on stage and in the kitchen. Austin is excited to share his love for food and Publix through The Publix Checkout!

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