Say “cheers” this holiday season with our festive cocktails. Our Aprons chefs have created recipes for all! We find these recipes are best paired with good company and big smiles. Grab your friends and family, toss on your ugly Christmas sweater and stir things up!

chocolate covered cabernet Recipe

cranberry screwdriver Recipe

Caramel Kiss Recipe





Crisp red apple Recipe

Fizzy Pom-Cran Martini Recipe

Chapagne Flamingo_final





ginger snap Recipe

kitchen sink recipe

maple bourbon eggnog recipe





Pear Cilantro Margarita recipe

pumpkin cider recipe

pumpkin spice white russian recipe





spiced rum cider recipe

Whiskey business recipe

Cranberry Sangria_final






Let us know what you think of our holiday cocktails. Don’t forget to swing by your local Publix Liquor Store for everything you’ll need to serve up your holiday favorites.

*Drink responsibly. Be 21.

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