Pilgrim Travels figures in the snow

If ever there were a celebrity pair to symbolize Thanksgiving in Publix-operated states, it would be The Pilgrims. These little shakers have moseyed their way into our homes (and hearts) over the years, and the holiday season just isn’t the same without them.


The best part about The Pilgrims? Wherever you go, you take them along — and we get to see the amazing adventures. Check out these 15 times the Publix Pilgrims traveled the world.


1. That time The Pilgrims loaded up the car for what was sure to be an epic road trip. (Photo courtesy of Amy P.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 1


2. Uh oh, looks like they forgot their snow boots for the trip to Des Moines, IA! (Photo courtesy of Elana S.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 2


3. They saw some pretty sweet sights in Atlanta, GA. (Photo courtesy of My Sweet Things.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 3


4. The Li’lgrims love to shop for Thanksgiving dinner ― even in Hawaii, when they’re far away from their Publix home! (Photo courtesy of Sandra D.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 4

5. In Tampa, FL, the Pilgrims are eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving. (Photo courtesy of Mindy A.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 5

6. Romping around in the snow became a new favorite pastime for this pair of Li’lgrims, who moved to Whitehall, MT after living in St. Petersburg, FL for many years! (Photo courtesy of Nita H.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 6


7. It’s a family affair in Lakeland, FL ― home of the Publix Corporate Office! (Photo courtesy of Tim C.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 7

8. When road tripping to Thanksgiving dinner, The Li’lgrims always like to have a front seat! (Photo courtesy of April B.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 8


9. This pair cuddles to stay warm in Grants Pass, OR… and drinks coffee, of course. (Photo courtesy of Gretchen G.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 9

10. Looks like NYC had the perfect Pilgrim weather! (Photo courtesy of Julie D!)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 10


11. It’s always a fun Thanksgiving when The Pilgrims are in Naples, FL! (Photo courtesy of Cary R.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 11

12. Sometimes it’s a battle against the elements in Atlanta, GA, but The Pilgrims are prepared! (Photo courtesy of Scoop OTC.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 12


13. They love to see life from a different view in New York City, NY! (Photo courtesy of Shane O.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 13

14. The Pilgrims’ favorite way to get to Orange Beach, AL? By boat, of course. (Photo courtesy of Brenda M.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 14

15. And, even in Canada, The Pilgrims spread the Publix holiday spirit. (Photo courtesy of Rosemary G.)

11_9_KS_Pilgrim Travels_Image 15




There you have it! Raise your hand if you’re suddenly feeling the Thanksgiving spirit. :) Do you have a pair of Pilgrims or even an entire family set? Tell us your memories in the comments and share your photos with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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