Monthly Archives: August 2016

Don't forget your reusable bags

  In 2001, Publix created a program for environmental responsibility. The program began with an emphasis on energy conservation and has grown to include waste reduction, recycling, and conservation of other resources, including water. From in-store displays to “Remember Your Bags” reminder signs on cart corrals, we encourage our customers to use reusable bags. Taking … (Read the full story)

Beef steaks on the grill

  For many, steak is steak, and any cut of beef will do. For the rest of us, each cut is like a delicately crafted piece of art, and should be treated as such. If the sizzle of a sirloin or the sight of a medium-rare Ribeye is something you dream of, give these tips … (Read the full story)

two ladies at an outdoor picnic

  There is something refreshing about family picnics that really lift your spirits. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the easy food, or just time spent with your loved ones. No matter what, picnics are a great excuse to get the family outside on a warm summer day. This weekend, ditch the traditional hot dogs and … (Read the full story)

Publix curb appeal

Welcome to The Publix Checkout — Beyond the Aisles with Your Favorite Supermarket. The Publix Checkout blog was created with you in mind. We wanted to create a fresh and inspiring way to engage with you – our customers. We’re excited to take you beyond the aisles to show you why we’re more than just … (Read the full story)