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Did you know there are many ways Publix can help you succeed during college? From tuition reimbursement for our associates, a paid summer internship program, and special career events for students, Publix wants to help you succeed during your college career.


Tuition Reimbursement

The Publix tuition reimbursement program can help cover the cost of college classes. This program is available to our part-time and ThinkstockPhotos-639820410resizefull-time associates who are seeking graduate or undergraduate degrees. In addition, some individual courses, online programs, and technical training in appropriate areas of study can also be covered.  As long as an associate has six months of continuous service and works an average of 10 hours per week (which leaves plenty of time for studies!), they can be covered in this program. The areas of study which are covered, as well as reimbursement limits and other information, can be found here: If you are an associate, you can also ask your manager for more details as well.


Summer Internship Program

Are you a college student looking for a summer internship? How does  a paid, full time summer internship with a growing and reputable Fortune 500 company sound? Well, Publix has the opportunity you are looking for! Summer internships with Publix last 10 to 12 weeks between May and August, at our company blog pic 2resizefacilities in Lakeland, Florida. Our interns won’t be stuck fetching coffee, but will gain valuable hands-on experience, work on challenging projects, and network with professionals to develop valuable skills beyond what they can learn in a classroom. We also partner with Florida Southern College to provide dorm housing for our out-of-town interns. You can find more details on our summer internships here:


Career Events

Through partnerships with many colleges and universities, Publix often invites students to our corporate offices for the opportunity to meet with department College blog pic 1leaders and executives. Most recently, select students from a number of universities were invited to our corporate offices in Lakeland, Florida for our Real Estate Student Event. Department representatives and executives from  Real Estate, Legal, Business Analysis and Reporting BAR, Public Affairs, Construction, Environmental, and Facilities Design were in attendance to meet with students and hold round table meetings. Students were able to converse and learn from these professionals. John Harmon, the organizer of the Real Estate Student Event, explains that “..this event allows for us to be an example of Mr. George’s values of investing in others and giving back.  It provides an opportunity for students to network with Publix executives while also learning more about our great company.  Our associates have the chance to learn more about potential candidates for future job openings.”


Our founder, George Jenkins, believed in investing in others and giving back to his associates and the community. What better way to invest in our associates and community than investing in higher education? We encourage you to look into these opportunities, and once you graduate, come visit our Facebook careers page for exciting career prospects!


We’re sure you love our deli teas as much as we do. From sweetened and unsweetened teas to flavored lemonades, the varieties available will go perfectly with your favorite sub or deli snack. Along with our staple offerings, we also have limited edition flavors that are always a welcome addition to our beverage line up. To tell you a little about what goes into creating these delicious drinks, we reached out to our friends in the deli department for more information.

Fun With Flavors

You may have guessed that sweet tea wins the popularity contest, with lemonade, unsweetened tea, and diet sweet tea coming in as the runners-up. Green tea, raspberry lemonade, and raspberry tea aren’t far behind.

To create new flavors, we work with a number of other areas within the company to identify emerging and existing flavor trends.

Once we’ve brainstormed innovative and exciting flavor ideas, product samples of the new flavors are created. Next is the fun part — tasting them! After our teams try the samples and provide feedback, the supplier will make changes to incorporate our opinions. According to deli buyer, Nicole Kolbasiuk-Beetem, feedback may include making changes such as enhancing the flavor of certain ingredients, or adjusting the sweetness of a product. “Sometimes, however, flavors don’t work out as well as we thought,” she says, “in which case we don’t pursue them further.”

Finding What Works

After new flavors have been chosen and tested , we gather a group of customers who get the chance to try them. Input from these groups allows us to get feedback on everything from how customers react to the name and taste, to how much they actually enjoy the product.

Our taste-testing group rates the product being tested on several different factors, and also provide their own comments. Their feedback is used to decide if our products need more work, and to decide if the flavors we’ve developed are ones that customers like you would want to buy.

Final Steps

Once we’ve officially decided on the new flavors and their recipes, we work on bringing the actual product to life, which includes creating product labels. Once final steps are complete, we’re ready to roll out the new flavors to stores.

For our limited-time items, we introduce them individually, taking into account which flavors will work best during each season. For example, chai tea around the winter holidays and refreshing flavored lemonades during the summer. Limited time flavors that are particularly popular have the possibility of becoming available all year long. Our raspberry lemonade and, more recently blackberry lemonade have become permanent items. This is based on the performance of the items in relation to other items in the category. For example, our limited time blackberry lemonade performed almost as well as our best seller, sweet tea, so we decided  to keep the blackberry year-round.

Buyer Nicole Kolbasiuk-Beetem shares, “We want to be sure that we keep the flavors that customers love most, and item sales are the best indicator for which items are the customer favorites.”


Now that we’ve given you an inside look at how our deli teas come to be, we’d like to know which flavor is number one on your shopping list. Let us know in the comments!

store 1270,meat Seafood department

Shrimp, clams, lobster, salmon, mussels and tilapia are just some of the options you can find in your local Publix Seafood department. Whether you’re preparing for your next seafood extravaganza or just cooking dinner for your family, it is important to know how to select and cook all different types of seafood. This blog will … (Read the full story)

fresh berries, fruit and muesli for breakfast, close-up, horizontal

According to a report from Mintel, world leading market intelligence agency,  94% of Americans snack at least once a day. It can occur at any time and it can happen often, increasing the overall frequency of eating for the average person.  Because snacking often occurs amidst the hecticness of your everyday life it can easily become a mindless habit that affects your diet and nutrition. Publix Corporate Dietitian, Jennifer Patzkowsky MS, RDN/LDN, , has put together three simple measures you can take to become a smarter snacker.


1.     Controlling Your Portions

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, portions have gotten larger both in restaurants and for grocery products. This directly influences calorie consumption as studies show that we unintentionally consume more when faced with larger servings. How do you beat this? Portion out your snacks ahead of time! Be sure to take time to package your foods so that you are meeting your dietary needs. To learn more about what and how much to eat, visit My Plate’s SuperTracker.

Use this simple hands-on chart to calculate your servings:

 Palm=  3 ounces of meat
 Fist=  1 cup of rice or pasta
 Handful=  1 ounce of nuts
 Thumb=  1 Tbsp. of salad dressing
 Thumb tip=  1 Tsp. of oil, butter, or mayonnaise


2.     Choosing the Right Foods

Think of snacks as an opportunity to add nutrients to your diet. Ditch the vending machine potato chips and opt for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.  Making small shifts is key to being a smarter snacker.

To include smart foods in your snacks, choose 2-3 out of 5 food groups. Find some tasty options below! For portion suggestions, visit My Plate’s SuperTracker.

Protein Vegetables Fruit Dairy Grains
Hardboiled egg Carrot sticks Melon cubes Low-fat cubed cheese Whole wheat mini pitas
Hummus Celery sticks Berries Low-fat yogurt Air popped or
low-fat microwave popcorn
Sliced turkey Sliced squash/ zucchini Apples slices Low-fat string cheese Whole grain tortilla chips
Nut butter Sugar snap peas Orange slices Low-fat smoothie drink Whole wheat crackers
Edamame Sliced pepper Banana Low-fat cottage cheese Whole grain, low sugar, cereal
Dried fruit
(varieties without added sugar)
Granola bar made with whole grains

*In the table above, for the protein choices refer to for suggested serving sizes providing a one ounce equivalent from the protein foods group. Quantities for items vary by individual dietary needs.*


Use your imagination when combining these to form tasty treats. For example, low-fat yogurt and berries or hummus with apples, celery, and carrots for dipping.

03_20_ Post1_CH_ SnackSmart_image2



3.     Satisfying Your Cravings

Why has snacking become as culturally prominent as meals are? According to the report done by Mintel, 62% of Americans say they often snack to satisfy a craving. We’re here to help you balance taste and nutrition. Try these tips on snacking for specific cravings and remember to check out My Plate’s SuperTracker for serving sizes that fit your dietary needs:



Trail mix,  (as listed under the crunchy category.)

Low-fat yogurt with fruit.

Publix cut fruit salad.



Roll up: Lean deli meat with slice of low fat cheese.

Pretzel sticks dipped in nut butter.

Whole grain tortilla chips with salsa.


Sweet and Salty

Apple or other fruit with cheese.

Low-fat cottage cheese with fruit.

Peanut butter with apple slices.



Air popped or low fat popcorn dusted with spice blend of cumin,  garlic powder, and chili powder.

Hummus (look for varieties made with vegetables) with whole grain crackers.

Savory yogurt based dips (available in Produce) with vegetables.



Apple slices with almond butter dip. (recipe)

Vegetables: carrots, bell pepper strips, celery, and sugar snap peas with Publix deli hummus .

Trail Mix: Publix toasted oats, dried fruit and unsalted nuts.

Dried bean snacks made from beans including chickpea snack.

Deli Edamame hummus with baby carrots and seedless grapes.

Produce snacks including unsalted nuts and dried vegetable chips.


Remember, you can avoid letting snacking get out of hand by controlling your portions, choosing the right foods, and satisfying your cravings. If you need more advice on how to build your diet, check out classes hosted by your in-store dietitians (in the Tampa, Florida area) or ask our corporate dietitians questions online. Do you have any go-to smart snacks? Share below to help each other!

03_17_Bakery_Image 1_AJ

Who doesn’t love a little dessert? Whether your New Year’s resolution is still going strong or has already fallen by the wayside, Publix Bakery has a variety of Decadent Dessert cake options that can serve as a reward for a job well done or a pick me up if you’re feeling down.  With more than 20 handcrafted options available, we have what you need for any occasion. Allow us to do the work. Our skilled decorators will create something beautiful and delicious with high-quality ingredients, to indulge your senses. You can even order online through our Online Easy Ordering System.

We offer a wide variety of cakes to satisfy any craving, keep reading to get to know a few of them.

Publix Chantilly CakeChantilly Cake

From birthdays to brunches, this airy cake is great for all events. But you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to pick it up, it’s perfect for those just-because days too!  Three layers of vanilla cake and fresh fruit form the base of this angelic handcrafted dessert, while Chantilly-mascarpone cream frosting covers the outside for a sweet finish. To top it off, the Chantilly cake is expertly decorated with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Yum!


Chocolate Ganache Supreme03_17_Bakery_Image 3_AJ

The Chocolate Ganache Supreme is a chocolate lover’s dream. Great for graduations and weddings alike, this four layer masterpiece will enchant your taste buds. This cake is iced with rich silky chocolate ganache, then decorated with fudge icing. Between each layer is a filling of  chocolate whipped topping, and for the finishing touch, it’s crowned with a bow of dark chocolate pieces. Is your mouth watering yet?



Strawberry & Peach Sensation

03_17_Bakery_Image 4_AJOur Strawberry and Peach Sensation cake may evoke scenes of spring and summer but it’s perfect to eat during any season. Between three layers of vanilla cake you’ll find a Bavarian cream filling and whipped vanilla. It’s crowned with a  variety of fruit including strawberries and peaches, while toasted almonds are pressed on the sides.  It’s an irresistible combination and a scrumptious addition to any celebration.



More Decadent Dessert Cakes

If any of the decadent desserts below sound intriguing, visit our site to learn more about them.


 Chocolate Ganache Supreme  Strawberry & Peach Sensation  Caramel Pecan Crunch Cake  Carrot Torte Cake
 Chocolate Avalanche Cake  Chocolate Ganache Bon Bon  Chocolate Ganache Grandeur Cake  Chocolate Lovers Delight Cake
 Chocolate Lovers Delight Cake  Dulce De Leche Torte  Ebony & Ivory Cake  Extreme Chocolate Raspberry Cake  Fruit-Filled Brown Derby Cake
 Latte Blast Cake  Midnight Fudge Fantasy Cake  Peanut Butter Fudge Fix Cake  Raspberry Elegance Cake  Southern Style Red Velvet Cake
 Strawberry Elegance Cake  Strawberry Limonata Cake  Strawberry Sensation Cake


Next time you’re in the Publix Bakery browsing the cookies and breads, don’t forget to show the cakes some love!Try something new and let us know how you incorporated one of our decadent desserts into your day.


This month, we had the delightful opportunity of speaking with gold coin recipient, Felicia Jackson of Lithia Springs, Georgia. Felicia first joined the Publix family in 2004 and has held many positions throughout the company, most recently receiving a promotion to assistant bakery manager in Atlanta, Georgia. If you need a quick recap on what … (Read the full story)

03_13_Grocery_Image 1_AJ

You’ve heard the term “Sunday funday” right? It’s a great day to gather your friends and host a fabulous brunch. Mimosas, pastries, and pies — it’s all about having a good time. We’re here to help make your brunch bash easy and enjoyable.


Delightful Drinks

The key is to keep it light, which is why bubbly beverages are a wonderful choice. Most brunch items are a mix of sweet and savory, so the bright flavors and fruity bubbles in sparkling wine or champagne complement a variety of dishes. If you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, sparkling fruit juices are another great option. Coffee and tea are essentials , so pick up a few varieties to cover your guests’ preferences.

For champagne and sparkling wine options, give these bubblies a try:

  • Candoni Prosecco Brut: Crisp and clean; sip this slowly and savor the distinct honey undertones.
  • Moscato d’Asti:  Lightly fizzy Moscato d’Asti has a touch of sweetness balanced by crisp acidity to bring out tangy and sweet flavors.
  • Champagne: The acidity of the champagne helps lighten the rich flavors from typical brunch foods such as cheese omelets, and the light fruit flavors will complement any added fresh herbs, such as basil or thyme.


Stress-Free Food

Setting up a cheese board is always a fun addition to your get-together. For easy ideas on how to set one up, see our blog on how to create cheese plate perfection. If you’re looking to get a little more creative, try setting up stations like a waffle bar with different toppings, or a bagel bonanza with assorted cream cheeses, butters, and bagel flavors.

Omelets, frittatas, and salads are easy choices that will be both delicious and fast to make. For brunch recipe options that aren’t too heavy, give these a try:

  • Citrus Pasta Salad
    The slight sweetness and sparkle of cava makes it an agreeable match for nearly any dish. Our Citrus Pasta Salad has a wide range of flavors, from salty feta to basil to orange and grapefruit. The versatility of cava will stand up to every bite.
  • Salmon Brunch Frittata
    Smoked salmon, eggs, and sliced potatoes make this a hearty and satisfying dish. Sautéed onions and tarragon add an additional layer of flavor. The versatility of this dish lends itself to an equally versatile drink such as champagne. Don’t worry, orange juice or coffee are suitable options, too.

If you prefer to have us do the work for you, try ordering a platter from the Publix bakery or deli.



From fun and flirty to sassy and sophisticated, let your theme guide your decoration choices. Stop by our Floral department for a colorful bouquet to add freshness to your table. Use sparkly leftover wrapping paper as a table runner to add a little glam to the event.

If you have a backyard, your garden would be a quaint setting for brunch. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas to give you more inspiration. Last but not least, don’t forget the music! Think of your guests, and keep the music low enough to still have conversation.

We hope we’ve given you a jumpstart on throwing a fabulous brunch bash. We’d love to see pictures of your event. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.


*Drink Responsibly. Be 21.

03_01_Aprons_Image 1_SW

The key to a successful St. Patrick’s Day is green, green, GREEN! It’s easy to find festive décor, but have you thought about the food? If you ask us, it’s never too early to start planning the menu.


Celebrate this holiday with a mix of green appetizers. Choose one or all! No matter which way you go, your party will be filled with delicious foods.


Zucchini Boats03_01_Aprons_Image 2_SW

Once you lay these on the table, they won’t last long! With a 5 star rating, these appetizers might just steal the show.

Get to these before the leprechauns do!

Good Luck Salad03_01_Aprons_Image 3_SW

No need to travel to the end of the rainbow to strike gold! Rumor has it, this side salad brings luck to all those who take a bite.

Here’s the scoop to whipping up this treasure!

Champagne-Dressed Fruit03_01_Aprons_Image 4_SW

This refreshing assortment is a party favorite. It’s easy, fast, and festive! If you want to keep this dish kid-friendly, simply swap sparkling fruit juice in place of the champagne.

Toast to good luck by slicing up this recipe!

Pistachio ParfaitsParfait_Blog

You won’t need the luck of the Irish to whip up this delightful treat. This cheerful dessert is sure to catch not only the eyes of your guests, but their taste buds as well! Not to mention, it’s a hit for all ages.

Honor your sweet tooth with this green dessert!


Turkey Apple Panini03_01_Aprons_Image 6_SW

This unique idea is perfect for a buffet style party. Cook a few sandwiches and slice them up for a quick bite. If you want to kick it up a notch, use a shamrock cookie cutter to give them a festive shape.

Your guests won’t need to travel to Ireland to find these shamrock “sammies”.


Pizza Stuffed Bell Peppers03_01_Aprons_Image 7_SW

Shamrock or bell pepper? Either way, this recipe is perfect for any St. Patrick’s-themed party. Serve by itself or place as a centerpiece in a veggie or dip tray.

No need to search for a four leaf clover. We have the recipe here!


Guacamole03_01_Aprons_Image 8_SW

Guacamole is a huge party hit! You can’t deny that its color makes it perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day event.

Dip in to the green spirit with this classic appetizer.



Now that you have some yummy ideas to choose from, all that’s left is to do is invite your friends.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!