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Who can resist a big bowl of frozen goodness? We take our ice cream seriously, so we’d have to say it would be pretty hard for us to turn down a scoop during National Ice Cream Month! Call your friends over for some summer fun. Host a B.Y.O.S. (bring your own spoon) ice cream party! … (Read the full story)

June 2 is National Doughnut Day, and we’re tipping our hats to this doughy, delicious treat that has a way of making breakfast (or any meal) a bit sweeter. If you plan on picking up a tasty doughnut to celebrate, you’re definitely not alone — but you may be surprised to learn just how this holiday started.

Doughnut Dollies

Although doughnuts originated in Europe, the06_02_KS_Donut Day_Image 2 resize Salvation Army is credited with bringing this confection to the states. During World War I, the Salvation Army served as support for the troops in the fighting fields of France.

According to Chicago Salvation Army, they were there to provide spiritual aid and comfort to the soldiers. However, as an added treat, they also provided fresh doughnuts to the men fighting the Great War. The female volunteers were known affectionately as “Doughnut Dollies.” When soldiers returned home from the battlefield, they longed for the mouthwatering and comforting treats, which gave doughnuts a strong foothold to take off.

Donut Day

National Doughnut Day is celebrated the first Friday in June, commemorating the Donut Day event held by The Salvation Army on June 7, 1938, to honor those volunteers who served doughnuts during World War I. The Salvation Army started Donut Day as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to their social efforts during the Great Depression. The holiday is still celebrated as a fundraiser by the Salvation Army in Chicago.

Publix Donuts

The Publix Donut was part of the original line of products when the Publix Bakery was founded in 1957, and our recipe today is very similar to the one served all those years ago.

These scrumptious, round treats are still prepared fresh daily in our bakeries. Jane Pixley of the Publix Bakery says, “What makes our doughnuts so special is that our customers are getting a high-quality product each time they shop.”

We offer several different varieties to please all taste buds. Whether you opt for the jelly-filled and sugar dusted, sprinkled, or glazed — we have the perfect treat for you to celebrate National Doughnut Day in style.

Looking to try something new with this treat? For an added element of tastiness, Pixley suggests microwaving your Publix Donut for 10 seconds to get that fresh-from-the-fryer-taste.


We hope you find the perfect doughnut to celebrate this national holiday.

So tell us, what doughnut variety is your favorite?