Monthly Archives: July 2018

Who doesn’t love a beautifully set table? For many, the dining room is the center piece of their gatherings. Changing up your table décor throughout the year can bring a whole new feel to your home. We have put together some beautiful settings to inspire your next table-scape! Garden Tea Party This fresh, vibrant look … (Read the full story)

Do you want to make a meal with a specific flavor, but aren’t sure which spices to combine to achieve the taste you’re going for? If you want to add the right spice to your meals, you’ve come to the right place! While using select spices that are distinct to these areas, you can whip … (Read the full story)

This month’s Mr. George Gold Coin recipient is Shavon from Store #1533 in New Bern, NC. She started with Publix in 2016 and has been proud to bring the Publix culture to her customers and fellow associates. With her self-proclaimed super power, smiling, Shavon helped a customer Kristy. During last year’s Thanksgiving season, Kristy had … (Read the full story)

There may be much debate on whether fries were created by the Belgians or the French, but one thing we can’t argue about is how yummy they are! Whether you know them as French fries, chips or the gold at the end of the rainbow, it’s safe to say they are mouthwateringly delicious. Next time you want to … (Read the full story)