Monthly Archives: September 2018

You’ve probably heard the expression, “bursting at the seams.” Well, that’s a pretty good description of what’s been happening at Publix’s corporate office in Lakeland, Fla. Today, a big announcement was made:  Publix is expanding our corporate office building! The expansion will add 190,000 square feet of office space to the current 320,000 square feet, … (Read the full story)

The Mr. George Gold Coin award is presented to associates who go above and beyond their normal duties to provide exceptional customer service to our customers. This month’s Gold Coin recipient is Raymond Cruz from Store #415 in Palm Harbor, Florida. Raymond’s new to the Publix family and exemplifies all the great qualities Mr. George … (Read the full story)

By now, I hope you’re familiar with our life hacks series. From removing egg yolks with water bottles to making flavored ice cubes, we’ve provided you with an abundance of different ways to simplify your lives. It’s time for all-new life hacks, specifically designed to help you save time in the kitchen. If you’re anything … (Read the full story)