Monthly Archives: October 2019

Publix Store Front

Beachy? Colonial? Downtown modern? Have you ever noticed that the aesthetic styling of our stores fits into the cultural feel of the community? This is all by design. If you’ve ever wondered about the science behind our storefronts and designs, read on to find out more! Publix has a team of architects, who work with … (Read the full story)

Publix Truck Header

These associates are popular during hurricane season in our Southern states because they bring much-needed supplies to impacted areas! Welcome back to our job spotlight series. This month we are taking you on a ride with our truck drivers. Without them it would be impossible to meet the grocery needs of our customers. Buckle up … (Read the full story)

Smokehouse Selections

There’s never a bad time for some delicious smoked barbecue! Our deli features some of the best restaurant-style smokehouse selections to choose from, including St. Louis-style ribs, traditional split chicken, pulled pork and an array of delicious sides. We offer only the tastiest sauces that pair perfectly with any smokehouse meat you select. Choose from … (Read the full story)