Hot honey chicken wings

Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard are essential in most homes, but the newest condiment gaining popularity in kitchens across the country is hot honey. It’s a simple condiment but one that you’ll love! Hot honey is honey infused with chili peppers or pepper sauce. You can hop on the hot honey train by picking up a pre-made version we sell in our stores. However, if you’d rather determine your own level of heat, our recipes below also feature DIY hot honey options. If you’re looking for other ways besides our yummy recipes to use your hot honey, the possibilities are endless! You can add it to your favorite slice of pizza or drizzle it over fried chicken. Roasting vegetables and want to give them a little added flavor? Hot honey will certainly help kick things up a notch.

Check out some recipes from our Publix Aprons® team featuring the sweet heat that can’t be beat.

Hot Honey-Baked Chicken Wings

Hot honey chicken wings on a plate.

Perfect for game day, these baked wings are ready in 40 minutes for the entire family to enjoy. If you want to take it to the next level, try our Sriracha-Honey Chicken Wings.

Hot Honey Meatballs

Hot honey meatballs on a white plate and a gray plate.

Many people use grape jelly for added sweetness when making meatballs. This recipe uses honey instead and includes sriracha for an added kick.

Everything Chicken with Hot Honey Glaze

Everything seasoning chicken bites on a black platter.

Two of the best food trends in one dish! Everything Seasoning took over all the food trends with people using it on their favorite dishes. This recipe combines sweet, spicy and, well … everything else in one dish!


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