Breakfast, lunch and dinner French bread recipes plated at set table.

You’ve probably heard of French bread pizza, which is traditionally made with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and delicious bakery French bread, but did you know there are other delicious and simple recipes that use French bread? It’s always nice to find easy-to-make recipes for lunch and dinner, right? French bread is versatile, and you can add different toppings to change the flavor profile, making it perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Fun fact! Did you know we offer more than a dozen scratch-made bread varieties in our bakery? That includes our French bread, which is an obvious fan favorite. We have a few delicious French bread pizza recipes to choose from when you need something simple to make.

Cinnamon Roll French Bread

A breakfast treat for any morning! It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spice, and the cream cheese frosting is the “icing on top!”

Cinnamon Roll French Bread plated on white plate.


French Bread White Pizza

Try our twist on the traditional French bread pizza recipe! If you love cheesy-garlic bread, you’ll love this, and it’s topped with tomatoes and basil.

French Bread White Pizza plated on white plate.


Chicken-Artichoke and Spinach French Bread

Grab your French bread from our bakery and then stop by our deli and pick up some artichoke and spinach dip along with oven-roasted chicken. This combination is one you’ll crave!

Chicken Artichoke French Bread plated on white plate.




Do you have any French bread pizza recipes to share with us? Let us know what you’ve made in the comments below.


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