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If you went to a barbecue and didn’t have baked beans, did you really go? No plate at a cookout is complete without a nice helping of delicious baked beans. Great baked bean recipes typically don’t include many ingredients, but somehow always taste perfect. With a little time, you can whip up the best side dish at any gathering this season.


Cool Beans

Baked bean recipes all start with the kinds of beans used and each bean creates different flavors that pair well with the other ingredients. One of the most common beans used is the navy bean. They are mild and get creamy when they’re cooked. Another recipe uses butter beans. These beans are large and have a soft texture when cooked. Some recipes call for canned baked beans. The beans found in these cans are normally navy beans, but other common ingredients, like brown sugar, are added in so you don’t have to.

Our Aprons team has put together some amazing side dishes that will have guests begging for your recipe.


 Cowboy Beans

Cowboy Beans are a popular side dish that is similar to standard baked beans, but with a southwestern tangy twist. The side dish is created by adding in your favorite barbeque sauce and mustard. Adding in brown sugar will even out the flavors and bring in a subtle sweetness to complete the taste.

Mango Baked Beans

Mango Baked Beans

Mango Baked Beans incorporates mild and creamy navy beans into the recipe to create a nice sweet dish with a hint of zing. The dark brown sugar and mango chutney even out some of the spice.. Topping the recipe off with Caribbean jerk seasoning brings out the best of the flavors found in this side dish.

Sweet onion ribs w maple butter beans

Maple Baked Butter Beans

If you’re looking for some sweet baked beans, this recipe is the one you should try. The soft butter beans pair well with the ketchup and maple syrup found in the recipe. Adding in some bacon will bring a nice salty and sweet pairing that tastes amazing!

Aprons Gourmet Beans

Gourmet Beans

These beans are the perfect addition to any grilled meal like steak or hamburgers. They’re a simple take on standard baked beans, but add in ingredients like steak sauce, barbeque sauce and Dijon mustard create a concoction that will burst with flavor.


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