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Let’s get crafty this season! Crafting isn’t always time consuming or difficult. Start a new Halloween tradition by making these festive crafts to use as home décor for years to come. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, these crafts are quick, easy and fun to make. We’ll take you step by step through each craft to make sure you have the best creepy, crafty holiday this year.

Publix Halloween Craft - Jar-o’-Lantern


Put your own spin on jack-o’-lanterns this year. Turn a simple glass jar into a flower vase. Use paint, markers, stickers and ribbon to decorate using your own creativity. We offer fall-inspired arrangements, so don’t forget to pick up yours in your local Produce department.




Publix Halloween Craft - Candle Corn

Candle Corn

Make your own candy corn-themed candles using common household items. These are a great decoration for any Halloween party or table spread. This one is an easy way to add the traditional yellow, orange and white colors to your home.




Publix Halloween Craft - Witches' Broom

Witches’ Brooms

Already have food and decorations planned for Halloween? Leave the party favors to us. These witches’ brooms filled with treats are a cute way to hand out candy to your guests.




Which creepy craft are you planning to make this year? For more inspiration including food and drink recipes, check out our Halloween ideas page!

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