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Publix is known for its large selection of quality breads. From everyday favorites like white mountain and Italian five-grain to unique limited-time-offer breads of the month, there are plenty of options to try. Our newest everyday favorite joined the impressive bakery lineup toward the beginning of the year, and it might just be your favorite yet – a croissant loaf!

The croissant loaf has all the qualities you love about the classic pastry – rich, buttery and flaky, with a golden crust. Toasting this bread will bring out the buttery flavor. But the deliciousness doesn’t have to stop there! Try these easy ways to enjoy our new croissant loaf.

French Toast

Combine milk, eggs and any flavorings — such as vanilla extract, cinnamon or nutmeg – in a shallow container. Coat both sides of a slice of croissant loaf in the egg mixture and fry in a small pan over medium heat until golden brown. Our Croissant Tres Leche French Toast is the perfect recipe to try using a slice of the croissant loaf.

Strawberry Jelly and Cream Cheese

Toast a slice of croissant loaf. Spread cream cheese on it and then top with strawberry jelly or your favorite type of jelly.

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Make your own chicken salad with shredded cooked chicken breast, mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish, or check out the Publix Deli Classic Chicken Breast Salad. Top two slices of croissant loaf with the chicken salad and put together to create a sandwich.

Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Spread butter or mayonnaise on both sides of two slices of croissant bread. Lay sliced deli ham and cheese of your choice between the slices of bread and toast in a frying pan until bread is golden brown and cheese is melted.



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