Unique breakfast board with waffles, pancakes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and yogurt

These days, charcuterie boards are super trendy. It’s fun to throw together a board of meats and cheeses for a date night or a fancy weekend appetizer. By definition, “charcuterie” describes any kind of cured meat and a “charcuterie board” is an assortment of meats accompanied by cheeses, fruits, breads and garnishes. But the options don’t have to stop there! Alternative charcuterie boards are the perfect way to customize your spread.

Breakfast Board

A breakfast board can be a great morning feast! Whether you’re planning a mid-morning meal or trying to feed your hungry family a large breakfast, a breakfast board is the perfect centerpiece. Start with fresh fruits and berries, add protein like bacon, and finish it with pancakes and waffles. Be sure to include a variety of spreads.

Unique breakfast board with waffles, pancakes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and yogurt


Kid-Friendly Board

Fancy meats and cheeses don’t always appeal to little ones. It’s a great idea to leave the adventurous nibbles for the adults and put together a board with more familiar treats for the kiddos. Trail mix, crackers, peanut-butter pretzels, cheese and fruits are good choices for a kid-friendly charcuterie board.

Kid-friendly charcuterie board with sliced meat, cheeses, apple slices, grapes, peanut butter and trail mix.


Bread Board

A bread board is the perfect appetizer. You can mix and match Publix bakery breads with your favorite spreads, jams and dips to please any crowd. May we recommend a Publix bakery cranberry walnut artisan loaf with honey? Or perhaps Publix bakery Italian five grain bread with olive oil and Italian spices? The possibilities are endless!

Bread board with variety of Publix Bakery breads, honey and oil with herbs


Dessert Board

Shake up charcuterie with a sweet twist on this savory classic. A dessert board is a fun alternative to a cake or cupcakes, and it’s a great way to satisfy any sweet tooth. Use candies and gummies to make this any candy lover’s dream, or take a sweets board in a different direction using bakery teats like cookies, petit fours or mini tarts for a more sophisticated approach.

Dessert board with red velvet cake, yogurt pretzels, macarons, bakery cookies and nutella.


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