Step aside chocolate! The season of bright, refreshing flavors is here. That’s right, we’re talking about lemons. This tangy fruit’s flavor is the star of the show in our new bakery limited edition desserts. From pie and cheesecake bites to strudel and signature bar cake, these lemon-flavored desserts are sure to brighten up any summer day. Whether you’re planning a poolside picnic or craving an indulgent afternoon snack, we’ve got you covered. Just stop by our bakery to try any, or all, of our featured lemon-flavored goodies. But hurry, these tangy treats are available for a limited time only.

Lemon Bar Cake

Lemon-Flavored Cream Cheese Bar Cake

Moist and spongy lemon-flavored cake unites with two layers of sweet lemon-flavored cream cheese icing in our newest bar cake flavor. It’s topped with soft lemon-flavored chips and drizzled with a creamy vanilla confection for the perfect finish. Bring the whole family together for this picnic-friendly cake.

 Lemon Meringue Pie

Delicious, flaky crust is filled with tangy lemon-flavored filling in this Publix bakery classic. We topped the pie with sweet, fluffy meringue for a taste of all your favorite summer flavors in one bite. The best part is, Publix Lemon Meringue Pie is an everyday favorite, meaning it’s available for you to enjoy year-round!

Lemon Strudel

Lemon Cheese Strudel

Lemon flavor and cream cheese come together inside a flaky strudel pastry topped with coarse sugar for a delicious combination. These treats are baked fresh daily and are great for snacking. Just be sure to share!

Lemon Cookies 

Meyer Lemon Cookies

Naturally-flavored Meyer lemon cookies are the perfect addition to the Publix bakery cookie lineup. Discover delightful drops of lemon-flavored chips in every bite of your newest cookie craving.


The only thing left to do is decide which treat to try first! Remember, these bright delights are available for a limited time only, so try them all while you can! If you’re craving even more lemon, check out our delicious Aprons recipes. Share your favorite lemon recipes with us in the comments below.

Blueberry Lemon Pie 2

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