Steaks and Gnocchi with Strawberry-White Chocolate Bread Pudding Publix Aprons recipe

Want to avoid starting a new diet this year? Shift to a lifestyle-change approach instead — it’s easier to maintain and can lead to long-term results! Intuitive eating is a self-care eating framework that allows you to be the expert of your own body. Let this be your guide to building a healthy relationship with food. There are several principles when it comes to intuitive eating, but here are four simple steps to get you started:

1. Make peace with food.

Give yourself permission to eat. Most importantly, don’t focus on counting calories and macros, labeling foods as good or bad and buying weight loss cleanses and supplements. A little indulgence can help with those strong cravings. It’s okay to eat your favorite dessert and enjoy it without feeling guilty. That’s a win!

A delicious meal option is our Publix Aprons Steaks and Gnocchi with Strawberry-White Chocolate Bread Pudding.


2. Learn your hunger and fullness cues.

You should eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Seems simple, right? Many factors make it difficult to read your hunger cues.

Sometimes we work through lunchtime because we need to get a task done or skip a meal because we want to lose weight. Instead, recognize your hunger symptoms such as gnawing in the stomach, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, irritability or headache. When you eat, avoid any distractions like watching TV, talking on the phone or engaging in conversation. Distractions like these make it difficult to listen for your body signals that tell you when you are satisfied.

Helpful tip: Use this hunger scale to rate and periodically check in with your hunger. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 is you are very hungry and 10 is you ate so much you are stuffed), rate your hunger when you begin eating. You should be at a 3 or 4, hungry but not starving. Stop when you are at a 6 or 7, satisfied but not stuffed. Using this hunger scale helps make you more aware of your hunger throughout the day.


3. Discover the satisfaction factor.

Sometimes diets take the pleasure out of eating because you feel you need to eat “approved diet foods.” Intuitive eating encourages you to eat what you really want. If you are satisfied with your eating experience, you should find yourself eating less.

What makes an eating experience enjoyable for you? Think about all the factors, including the taste, texture, aroma, appearance and temperature of foods. For special occasions like anniversaries or birthday celebrations, have a special meal with your family or friends at home. Set your table with a different tablecloth or placemat and pull out your favorite china or dishes. Create a fun or soothing environment with different lighting or music.

Make a special dinner with flavor and eye appeal. Our Publix Aprons Pan-Roasted Fish with Rice and Cilantro-Edamame Pesto is sure to satisfy and impress.

For dessert, have a piece of dark chocolate or enjoy one of your favorites. Be sure to enjoy every bite!

Publix Aprons pan roasted fish with rice and cilantro edamame pesto


4. Choose foods that feel good and energize your body.

Now that you know it’s OK to eat foods without feeling guilty, choose foods that make you feel good and energize your body.

Most people don’t have to eat perfectly to be healthy; it’s what you eat consistently over time that matters. You will not suddenly become unhealthy or have a nutrient deficiency from one snack, one meal or one day of eating.

To boost nutrition, think about what foods you can add rather than subtract or limit. A couple of easy-to-incorporate ideas include increasing your water intake during the day or adding fruits or vegetables into your meal. Both are great choices and do not require restricting anything.

Try our Publix Aprons Acai Citrus Smoothie Bowls for a tasty way to increase your fruit intake.

Publix Aprons recipe acai citrus smoothie bowl



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