Move over Taco Tuesday. Hello, Walking Taco Wednesday! Walking tacos are the perfect twist on your favorite traditional taco. Imagine being able to enjoy the deliciousness of a taco while walking around! These fun tacos are great for any social event, especially football parties. We’ve got everything you need to build the ultimate walking taco while enjoying a weekend of football. Want to know the best part? The options are endless, so ditch the taco shell and grab a fork. Let’s dig in!

Step 1: Pick Your Container

Building your walking taco starts with picking the right container. Remember walking tacos are a big hit at football parties so pick the container that won’t spill while you’re rooting for your favorite team! We have a couple of recommendations:

  •  Small single size chip bag. That’s right, we are going to throw everything right into the bag!
  • A large mason jar. For those who want a little more room for ingredients.

Step 2: Choose Your Chips

Two mason jars filled with crumbled chips and football bowl filled with extra chips.

Step 3: Add Meat and Toppings

Now that you have your base, it’s time to start adding the layers. There is no wrong combination when it comes to a walking taco, so pick your favorites. Some popular meat options that work best for walking tacos include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Grilled chopped steak
  • Chicken (preferably ground or shredded)
  • Ground beef
  • Ground turkey

Helpful tip: Remember to season the meat with your preferred taco seasoning mix. For a vegetarian option, skip the meat and instead use a seasoned farro (whole grain), rice or beans.

Now we can’t forget the toppings!

Three mason jars filled with taco ingredients including chips, guacamole, ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in front of additional taco ingredients.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Walking Taco!

Your walking taco is complete! Enjoy it on the go, at your football party or just at home for a fun dinner night with your kids. Do you have another way you like to make walking tacos? Share it with us in the comments below!

Person holding mason jar walking taco filled with chips, ground beef, lettuce, black olives, sour cream, cheese and tomatoes.


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