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What’s your ideal breakfast? Ours involves a heaping stack of warm French toast! Whether it’s drizzled with syrup or piled high with fruit, we love sitting down at the kitchen table to enjoy every bite. Here’s everything you need to make a yummy breakfast right at home!

Tips for Making French Toast

Traditional French toast is made by dipping bread into an egg and dairy mixture. Many recipes also add vanilla extract and some brown sugar or cinnamon sugar to sweeten it. If you don’t eat eggs or dairy, you can use a dairy or egg substitute.

Great French toast starts with the bread! If the bread is too thin, it won’t be firm enough to hold together when dipped into the mixture. If it’s too thick, it won’t fully cook and will become soggy in the center. A bread that’s a nice mix of spongy and sturdy is the perfect choice. Our Bakery breads make delicious French toast. We recommend using our Braided Brioche Loaf, Challah, or Breakfast Bread.

Here are a few more tips that will help you make the best French toast!

  • Mixture: Don’t use too much dairy in your mixture. Adding more than the recommended amount of dairy can lead to soggy bread and make the egg cook incorrectly.
  • The bread: The bread needs to fully soaked into the mixture. You can even let it stay in for a few minutes before pulling it out to put into your frying pan.
  • Frying: Because your French toast most likely has sugar in the mixture, it will caramelize quickly if the heat on your stove is too high. Cooking on a heat too low will dry the bread out before it can fully cook. A medium heat is the perfect heat, and you normally need to cook 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

Stuffed French Toast

If you’re wanting a slightly different take, try Stuffed French toast. You can use our easy recipe that our Aprons team put together and slightly modify it based on your preferences. Here are some of our favorite ideas!

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 Now that we have you craving French toast, give one of our Aprons recipes a try!


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PBJ French Toast


alt= “Publix Aprons Bananas foster French toast topped with bananas and whipped cream on yellow table cloth.

Bananas Foster French Toast


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Cinnamon Swirl French Toast


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