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It’s fall, which means it’s officially football season! We love spending the weekends watching the game with family. Why not include tailgating too? Enjoy tailgating at home with our helpful tips!

Tip 1: Represent Your Team

Jerseys and team colors help show off your team spirit! Just as you would support your favorite team while at a game, show your support with your attire at your at-home tailgate. You can also set your table and serve foods that resemble your team’s colors. For example, if your team’s colors are red and yellow, choose salsa and Buffalo chicken dip to serve on red and yellow plates.

Tip 2: Tailgate From Your Driveway

One of the best things about tailgating is being outside in the crisp, cool weather. Put up tents, tables and chairs and move the grill to the driveway to amplify your tailgate experience. Add to your driveway tailgate by making posters and signs for your favorite team with the kids. Take it one step further by moving the television outside, or kick it old school and listen to the game on the radio.

Tip 3: Set Up Family Games

Play games to stay entertained during halftime and commercials. Corn hole, Jenga and ring toss are perfect tailgating games that the whole family can play during breaks. Enjoy your own football game with a friendly halftime scrimmage in the front yard, or use the time as an opportunity to teach the younger football fans how to throw or catch the ball.

Tip 4: Prepare Game Day Inspired Food

What is your go-to football food? We love snacking on Publix fried chicken while watching the game! Maybe you enjoy Publix cupcakes with football decorations or a Publix sub. Add to your tailgate-at-home experience with these game day inspired recipes and platters.

Pigs in a blanket on a white plate with ketchup in a white bowl and napkin with football plays behind plate.

Kick off your tailgating experience with these three-ingredient appetizers! These recipes, which can be prepared before the game starts, make great appetizers or snacks.

Deli ringleader with bowl of pretzels to the side, bowl of pickles on the other side, bowl of nuts beside pickles. Tray of brownies under sandwiches. All on football runner.

Our Publix Deli platters are the perfect lunch or dinner for tailgaters, depending on the game’s start time.

Burger with cheese and tomato. Top bun off to the side. Salad and fries on the plate. Bowl of beans and fresh tomatoes in the background.

Fire up the grill during your tailgate to try these burger recipes! Wash it all down with our deli lemonades and teas.

Plate of chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes with football decorations. Chocolate chip cookies cake with football decorations in front of plate of cookies and cupcakes.

Wrap up your tailgating-at-home menu with cookies or football-themed cakes from the Publix bakery!

Person sitting down holding a football in a blue jersey with another person in the background holding a white helmet.


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