We don’t know about you, but sometimes finding small gifts as a “thank you for having me” can be hard to find. Flowers make a great gift for any occasion, but sometimes the last-minute pick-me-up bouquets from the store wrapped in plastic just don’t have the best visual presentation. Try some of our unique tips for gifting flowers that will be memorable and beautiful.


These simple cones will have you presenting beautiful flowers that look like they came wrapped straight from the florist. This quick and easy tip requires almost no time at all. You can use brown paper or decorative card stock wrapping paper and dress it up with doilies, ribbon or maybe even some glitter! Simply cut a large rectangular piece, roll, then tape! Voila! If gifting to multiple people, add a cute gift tag with some ribbon or string. 


Pro Tip: When making these cones, select single flowers from our mix and match bunches, cut to the same length and place in bundles one at a time. Do not overstuff the cones. For smaller arrangements you can use tissue paper to hold the top together.


Using burlap gives a beautiful texture to your gift and can turn an inexpensive grocery store floral arrangement into the perfect gift.


Pro Tip: Wrap the end of your flower stems in a wet paper towel, then plastic wrap. This will keep them moist enough until they can be placed in a vase with water.


12_MB_GiftingBoq_BodyImage_4Tissue Paper

These simple, adorable and versatile arrangements wrapped in tissue paper are great for any holiday or special occasion. Tissue paper comes in many different colors and textures so you can have fun playing with the look.

Gift Bags

These floral gift bags make the perfect little hostess gift or birthday present. You can use any mixture of your favorite flowers and have fun with different shapes, colors and sizes. To pack them in there tightly, add some tissue paper around the stems.


More Pro Tips

Remember when gifting flowers to let them soak in water for a few hours first, if you have the time. If you are leaving flower stems long enough for your recipient to place them in a vase later, wrap the bottom of the stems in a wet paper towel and then with plastic wrap before placing in your wrapping of choice. Flowers will only keep for the day outside of a vase of water.

Our stores offer many varieties of already put together bouquets. You can purchase these and mix and match separates and have fun with textures and colors.

Easily transform your cellophane wrapped floral bunch into something a little more presentable with just a little effort using any of our tips above.

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