For many adults, finding the best costume to wear to yearly Halloween parties is the best part of spooky season! Why not invite your drinks to join in too? Whatever you’re planning for your scary celebrations, we have some simple ideas for dressing up the tastiest drinks at any party. Maybe your delicious drinks will win best dressed this year.

Jack O’ Lantern

This will become your new Halloween favorite! It features pumpkin puree and apple cider for the tastes of the season. For a sweet, nutty finish, you can substitute bourbon for the vodka and add 1/2 ounce of amaretto. Avoiding alcohol? Make it into a  Jack O’ Lantern Mocktail.

Jack O Lantern drink with pumpkin behind it

Rum Mummy

This mummified cocktail is wrapped up in flavor. Mixed with cranberry juice, lemon juice and raspberry liqueur, the maple syrup gives this its yummy sweetness. Finish by garnishing with a lemon twist! If you want it a little less fruity, substitute bourbon for the rum and amaretto for the raspberry liqueur.

Rum mummy drink in martini glass

Blue Zombie

Get on island time this Halloween with this tropical beverage. Candy corns go in the bottom of the glass, so don’t forget to eat them afterward. Not a fan of spiders? It’s an option…if you choose! Make this a melon blast by substituting melon liqueur for the triple sec and curacao.

Blue Zombie drink with spider toy on it, and candy corn and an orange slice inside drink.

Spooky Fruits

Be careful drinking this on a full moon! This ghoulish drink is hauntingly delicious! You can make it smoother by substituting rum or vodka for the bourbon and orange juice for the pineapple juice.

Spooky Fruits drink

Scary Mary

The simple Bloody Mary is already named for Halloween. But we don’t stop there. Introducing the new Scary Mary: the perfect outfit for an already amazing cocktail. Check out those mushroom skulls on top.


Now that you know which drinks to bring to win best-dressed beverage, go enjoy your Halloween parties! Drink responsibly. Be 21.


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