Chocolate creme sandwich cookies with candy eyes candy corn feathers peanut butter chip nose on wooden surface with pilgrim shakers

Do you have a ton of extra Halloween candy laying around the house, begging to be eaten? Have no fear! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and now is the perfect time to repurpose your extra candy into delicious, festive Thanksgiving treats. Check out these five recipes below for some creative ways to enjoy that leftover candy.

Turkey Cookies

These turkey cookies are sure to be a hit. This treat is created using creme sandwich cookies, peanut butter chips, candy eyes and candy corn!

Chocolate creme sandwich cookie with candy corns for feather candy eyes and a peanut butter chip for the nose

Fall Cone-ucopia

This treat is a great way to use up whatever smaller pieces of candy you have left over from Halloween, such as candy corn, candy-coated chocolate pieces and candy pumpkins. Fill an ice cream cone with your candy, cover with plastic wrap and secure it with a ribbon.

Waffle ice cream cone filled with chocolate candies gummy bears plastic wrap and ribbon for decorative packaging p

Turkey Treat Cups

The whole family will enjoy bringing their turkey treat cups to life using construction paper, googly eyes, festive feathers and candies like peanut butter cups or chocolate-covered nuts.

Clear plastic cup with googly eyes and construction paper beak chocolate candies and feathers

Acorn Treats

Make these adorable acorn treats using mini vanilla wafers, chocolate chips, chocolate kisses and melted chocolate as an adhesive.

Mini vanilla wafers with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Pilgrim Hats

These cookies will have you ready for the Thanksgiving holiday — made using fudge-striped cookies, peanut butter cups, candy-coated chocolate pieces and icing!

Striped fudge cookie with peanut butter cup yellow frosting for belt and chocolate candy


Let us know which Thanksgiving treats you are most excited to try this holiday season.


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